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  • Intelligence » Plant yards & systems: Allowing space to grow

    May 18th 2017 The effective management of plant yards is an important component of finished vehicle supply chains because of the constant flow and high volume of products such manufacturing plants typically handle. As a number of OEMs re-examine the balance between in-house labour and outsourced providers, many have begun to devote more of their attention to yard […]
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  • Intelligence » Supply Chain Conference: The future is already here

    May 16th 2017 That the automotive industry will see exponential change is something that many, if not all, experts and executives predict – even if they disagree about the pace and scale of change. Technology developments such as autonomous vehicles, the rise of the ‘internet of things’ with more connected devices, and the growing shift towards alternatively-powered vehicles […]
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  • Intelligence » Russian imports: Forecasting a fragile recovery

    May 15th 2017 In August last year, imports of finished vehicles in Russia rose 5.3% year-on-year, bringing an end to a decline that had lasted for 35 consecutive months. Meanwhile, during the course of 2016, several carmakers, including SsangYong and Honda, unveiled plans to start importing finished vehicles into the country again after a break of almost two […]
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  • Intelligence » Supply Chain Conference: Service parts logistics try to keep up with e-commerce

    May 12th 2017 The service parts sector is among the first distribution channels in the automotive market to feel disruption from the digital economy, as consumers increasingly buy goods and services online. Indeed, within the wider aftermarket, including the large share of the market held by independent distributors, consumers already make significant use of e-commerce platforms and online […]
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  • Intelligence » Education and training: The hard line on soft skills

    May 12th 2017 General Motors’ executive director for global supply chain, Todd Scott, meets frequently with the faculties of several universities. At Cranfield University School of Management – ranked number one outside the United States in Supply Chain World’s annual Top 100 Universities survey – senior supply chain executives from industry, including the automotive sector, sit on an […]
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  • Home Page » DHL in the UK: staying ahead of automotive change

    May 11th 2017 Despite uncertainty surrounding the UK’s departure from the EU, planned investments in new models and manufacturing should keep the country’s vehicle production networks competitive and growing. Overall investment has fallen since the ‘Brexit’ vote last June, but volume has, at least until very recently, grown strongly. Light vehicle sales reached record levels in 2016 in […]
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  • Intelligence » Materials handling: Machines on the move

    May 8th 2017 Advances in automated technology and robotics have already transformed many aspects of automotive manufacturing, with the sector taking a lead in plant technology and automation investment, from stamping equipment to precision welding robots. In the context of increasing digitalisation, manufacturers are looking to go much further, from integrating artificial intelligence to virtual reality and the […]
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  • Intelligence » The end of the line?

    May 3rd 2017 As the vehicle industry and market moves towards higher levels of electrification and connectivity, production experts anticipate a change from the traditional assembly line layout that has dominated the industry for nearly a century. Instead, OEMs are expected to increasingly orientate their plants and supply chains around more flexible, digitally connected ‘modular’ production cells. It […]
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  • Home Page » Looking for the human-machine touch

    May 3rd 2017 The automotiveIT Forum Production and Logistics highlighted the importance of workers in automation – even if it means a slower pace of digitilisation
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  • Intelligence » EV supply chains: Shifting currents

    April 28th 2017 Mass-market electric vehicles are coming. Global plug-in sales grew 42% in 2016, reaching to 773,600 units. Today, electric vehicles account for only about 0.1% of the global vehicle stock and less than 1% of sales; volume growth in SUVs and trucks, while lower in percentage terms, has had a bigger impact on the market. However, […]
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