11-13 April 2017
Hilton HongQiao Hotel, Shanghai
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Dong Zhengyu
Senior Manager, Programme Management and Business Development.
SAIC - General Motors

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Cai Jin
Vice President
Chinese Federation of Logistics and Purchasing

Cai Jin graduated from Wuhan University in 1985 with a Masters in Economics. He is now a certified Senior Economist. He has worked in the Economics Information Centre of National Economics Committee, National Ministry of Materials and China Logistics Information Centre of Ministry of Domestic Trade in a variety of senior roles. He is now Vice President of the CFLP, Vice President of the Chinese Society of Logistics, Director and party secretary of the China Logistics Information Centre.


Rui Zhu
Materials & Logistics Director
Chery Jaguar Land Rover Automotive Co. ltd.

Rui Zhu has over 20 years experience in materials, logistics and production control management. He has worked with multi-national companies including General Motors, Delphi, BMW-Brilliance, Lear APO and Chery Jaguar Land Rover. He is familiar with the set up of new plants, regional plant operations and KPI management.


Xiao Zhengsan
General Secretary 
Chinese Automobile Dealer Association

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Michael Tian
Head of Finished Vehicle Logistics

Michael has considerable experience in the automotive sector, spending seven years in Germany for BMW in production and logistics roles and 10 years in a variety of functions at BMW Brilliance Automotive, where he was involved in areas as diverse as finance, new vehicle launches, production control, program planning, plant capacity planning and finished vehicle logistics.

Xu Changming
Information Resources Development Department of National Information Centre

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Magnus Ödling
Director, Inbound Logistics APAC
Volvo Car China

Magnus first joined Volvo Cars in 2012 as Head of Network Strategy & Business Applications for outbound logistics. His role soon broadened to include inbound logistics and since October 2014, he has been based in Shanghai, focusing on developing the inbound logistics setup for the manufacturer in the APAC region. Magnus previously spent 13 years with the Maersk Group.

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Jacky Wang
United Capital

Jacky is also Chairman of the China E-commerce & Logistics Think-tank. He is a former VP of Alibaba Group, VP of Alcoa Asia, MD of DHL China, MP&L Director of Ford China and co-founder of ISM China.


Wu Songquan
Director, Auto Industry Policy Research Section
China Automobile Technology & Research Center

As chief expert at the China Automotive Technology Research Center and the policy research office director of the Automotive Industry Policy Research Center, Wu has a flair for technical and economic policy research and has been involved in helping to set a raft of national policy, alongside regular research and development work in the field of import-export policy and automotive brand management. He has taken part in several research projects for the national Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Commerce.

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Bo Shiju
Changjiu Group

Bo Shijiu was born in Jilin province in 1964. He started his professional career in 1982 working for China First Automobile Group. In 1992, he established Changjiu Industry Group in Jilin Province, now headquartered in Beijing. In 2003, he established Beijing Changjiu Logistics and has been the Chairman of the Board since. Beijing Changjiu Logistics recently became the first automotive logistics company to be listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. He is also Vice-President of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and Vice-Chairman of the China Communication and Transportation Association.

Ma Zengrong_WEB

Ma Zengrong
Executive Vice President
Chinese Automotive Logistics Assocation of CFLP

Zengrong Ma, a senior engineer and special researcher at the China Logistics Institute, holds a bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Beijing Institute of Technology and a master’s degree in logistics engineering from Beijing Jiao Tong University. He is Executive Vice-President of the China Automotive Logistics Association of CFLP (Chinese Federation of Logistics and Purchasing) and Director of the China Logistics Equipment Committee of CFLP.

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William Chen
Head of Strategy and Operation

Chen Xiang joined CHEP Automotive & Industrial Solutions Asia in July 2016 as Head of Strategy and Operation with responsibility for developing and executing regional strategy. He later also became General Manager, focusing on the provision of innovative and effective packaging solutions for OEMs and tier suppliers across China’s automotive sector. Prior to joining CHEP, he spent 10 years in the IT industry leading teams in the development of technology solutions for top automotive OEM and tier suppliers across the Asia Pacific region.

Zuo Xinyu WEB

Zuo Xinyu
General Secretary
China Automotive Logistics Association of CFLP

Zuo is a Master of Engineering and has worked at the CALA division of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing since 2006 in a number of secretarial roles. Prior to that he worked at the National Bureau of Domestic Trade Business Development Center He is also the General Secretary of the China Logistics Equipment Committee of CFLP.

Zhang Xiadong WEB

Dr Zhang Xiaodong
Vice President of Transportation
Beijing Jiao Tong University

Dr Zhang is a researcher in logistics systems planning and management, logistics node planning and design, railway freight and logistics, supply chain management and transportation logistics & marketing. He has completed over 90 national and provincial research projects, and contributed to the state council's Logistics Industry Restructuring and Revitalization Plan and the Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for Railway Logistics, amongst others.


Dr Martin Lockstrom
Managing Partner
International Business Consultants (Shanghai), Co. Ltd.

Martin Lockstrom’s core expertise is in purchasing, supply chain management, IT and innovation. After spending over a decade in China, he has a thorough understanding of the dynamics of emerging markets. As a long-term academic, he has also gained extensive experience in research and training. He holds a BSc and MSc in industrial engineering and management from Chalmers University of Technology and a PhD in operations management from European Business School, Germany. He has more than a decade of consulting experience, working with Fortune 500 corporations including BMW, Accenture, Ernst & Young, DuPont and PwC.

Hu Siyu
Ex-Sinomach Automobile Co


Huang Yingming
General Manager
Shanghai Origin International Logistics

Mr Huang is currently also general manager of the Shanghai Benchu Trade & Development Co. He has previously worked at the Shanghai subsidiaries of the Beijing Sunshine International Freight Co, and holds a masters degree from Shanghai Fudan University.

Sun Yanan
General Manager
Anwood Logistics System Co. Ltd