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A unique networking opportunity

Refining the efficiency of your internal operations is a
prerequisite for firms in the cut and thrust of today’s highly
competitive automotive logistics environment – but there are limits to what can be achieved on your own. And while the notion of working in collaboration with others in the supply chain isn’t new, it is beginning to take on vital new significance in today’s automotive supply chains, as OEMs, tier suppliers and logistics service providers all recognise that sharing information, resources, standards and technologies now represents the next great area of opportunity.

Whether it’s reorganising your production flows to allow for shorter lead times, tweaking inbound component deliveries to reduce stockholding, introducing more intelligent packaging to shave a few more seconds of waste from your network, or sharing plans to adopt new technologies with your partners and competitors to ensure you all meet the same standard, the need to work together for the common good has never been greater.

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Christoph Stürmer, Autofacts Global Lead Analyst at PwC

As Marco Prüglmeier, project manager for innovation and
industry 4.0 at BMW, said recently about the OEM’s approach to developing its ‘Connected Supply Chain’: “One reason why we are sharing these projects openly is to address standardisation. We cannot solve these issues alone… If every manufacturer were to use its own closed system for autonomous transport, then logistics providers would not be able to handle the processes effectively when delivering to different companies.”

Dealing with this need to work together is at the heart of today’s automotive supply chains in Europe, where despite an apparent desire in some areas for political break-up, automotive supply chains continue to stretch in a highly interdependent fashion across different borders, cultures and creeds.

And that’s why the issue of working together is also at the heart of this year’s Automotive Logistics Europe
conference, where OEMs, service providers, infrastructure operators and technology solutions suppliers will all come together to debate the best way forward.


About the Conference

This year’s conference, taking place from June 6th to 8th at the Kameha Grand Bonn hotel in Germany, will
provide a wealth of insight into the way the automotive supply chain is heading and the logistics challenges facing the sector, as well as providing a range of enjoyable ways for delegates to relax and rub shoulders together.


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The single, all-inclusive delegate fee includes:

  • an invitation to the pre-conference drinks reception
  • access to all speaker presentations and Q&A sessions
  • networking lunch and coffee breaks
  • messaging, video and comment via the in-conference app
  • soft copies of speaker presentations to download after the event
  • a place at the fabulous Automotive Logistics Europe gala dinner

The value of attending this long-running and highly popular industry forum is well established, as comments from those at last year’s conference underline.

“A real mind-opener – gives a vision of the future to share in our organisation,” was how Hervé Moulin, Manager of Vehicle Operations and Methods at Renault Nissan, put it after the 2016 conference. “A good networking opportunity [with] good insight into the industry future,” agreed Rob Vincenten, Aftersales Logistics Manager at GM Netherlands. “A great place to meet people and listen to great minds,” added Amy Xiong, Logistics Manager at BYD Europe. “It’s the place to be to connect or reconnect with all the major players in automotive logistics,” said Nina Krause, Sales Executive at Quartet FS.

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Register to join your peers, suppliers and competitors for an event that will truly help your organisation prepare for the challenges of the market ahead.

The conference is part of the worldwide Automotive Logistics series, which in 2017 includes RussiaFinished Vehicle Logistics Import-ExportGlobal, UKSouth America, Mexico, China, The Supply Chain and India.


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