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Tuesday September 22nd 2015

08:30              Golf Day at the TPC Michigan golf course
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18:00 – 21:00
Pre-conference drinks reception
A great chance for you to get together with fellow delegates, in a relaxed atmosphere, before the conference starts in earnest… Bring lots of business cards.
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Wednesday September 23rd 2015

08:00 – 09:00
Registration & breakfast
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09:00 – 10:15       
   Session 1: Connected and coming soon…  Live slug


The automotive industry is in a period of enormous and exciting change. This session examines what the industry is doing to prepare for change.

Moderator: Louis Yiakoumi  Publisher  Automotive Logistics group

Brandon Mason  Leader, Autofacts Americas  PwC
Bradley Jacobs
  Chairman & CEO  XPO Logistics
Kalman Gyimesi 
Automotive Marketing Leader  IBM Analytics


10:15- 11:00
Networking & coffee break
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11:00 – 12:15
Session 2: The biggest waste

One of the direct challenges day-to-day is eliminating waste. What is the biggest waste in your sector? Share your ideas and solutions.

Live slugStream A: Finished vehicles

Moderator: Louis Yiakoumi  Publisher  Automotive Logistics group

Marc Brazeau  Head NAFTA Vehicle Transportation  Chrysler
Bill Pawluk
  Chief Executive  CTM
Bill Kerrigan 
Program Manager, FVL Supply Chain  AIAG

Stream B: Material flows

Moderator: Christopher Ludwig  Editor  Automotive Logistics group

Dana McBrien  Associate Chief Advisor  Honda of America
Renee Wawrzynski
  Director Global Logistics Planning  General Motors
John Begg
  Director Logistics & Trade Compliance  Magna Powertrain
Drew Merrill
  Vice President, General Manager  CHEP
Tim Flucht 
Strategic Account Executive  Penske Logistics

12:15- 14:00
Networking & lunch
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14:00 – 15:15
Session 3: Outside of the USA

Where are the growth areas and challenges for your sector outside the borders? What other regions are you looking at?

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Stream A: Finished vehicles
Moderator: Louis Yiakoumi  Publisher  Automotive Logistics group

Bill Garrett  President & CEO  Vascor
Brian Mason 
VP Planning, Analysis & Development  Pasha Automotive Services
Roberto Zavala 
Head of Mexico  Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics

Stream B:
Material flows

Moderator:  Mark Ellis  Market Line Director, Automotive  Geodis

Scott Grady  Senior VP Automotive Solutions  Landstar System
Frank Bateman
  Director of Customer Logistics  Ryder
Michael Silvio  Senior Director, Supply Chain Management   Cooper Standard Automotive

15:15- 16:00
Networking & coffee break
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16:00 – 17:30
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Session 4: Measure, analyse, plan, implement, succeed

The intelligent use of big data paves the road to success, whatever your description of optimal logistics: the right part/car in the right place at the right time with the right quality at the right cost; elimination of waste; or delighting the customer. What are you doing to collect, and more importantly use, the enormous amounts of data available?

Moderator: Christopher Ludwig  Editor  Automotive Logistics group

Anupam Garg  IT Director – Supply Chain Quality  Johnson Controls
Scott Dewicki
  Leadership Partner  Gartner
Thomas Isaacs 
Strategic Logistics, NAFTA  Grupo Antolin North America
Tom Kroswek 
Senior Director of Supply Chain Excellence  Ryder


18:00- 21:00
Gala dinner at the Colony Club
                         Sponsored by:
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21:30 – Midnight
Afterglow Party at the Coach Insignia bar

After a full day talking business it’s time to relax  with the local sounds of the KGB Motown Band.


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Thursday September 24th 2015

08:30 – 09:00
Registration & breakfast
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09:00 – 10:15
Session 5: Warning! Disruption ahead
Logistics is often about expecting the unexpected, as it is advanced preparation which best helps to overcome those challenges. How will new mobility models, autonomous vehicles and the internet of things change the world of automotive logistics?

Moderator:  Louis Yiakoumi  Publisher  Automotive Logistics group

Vijay Bharadwaj  Manager Global Logistics Planning  General Motors
John Ames 
Senior VP of Customer Success  Llamasoft
Christopher Tiffany  
VP Automotive Asia Pacific  UTi
Dave Miller 
Chief Security Officer  Covisint
Lang Ware 
Director, Supply Chain Products & Services  AIAG


10:15- 11:00
Networking & coffee break
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11:00 – 12:15
Session 6: Encouraging innovation

A criticism of automotive logistics is its lack of innovation. How do we create the right environment for change?

Stream A: Finished vehicles

Moderator:  Louis Yiakoumi  Publisher  Automotive Logistics group

Costantino Baldissara  President of ECG & Vice President  Grimaldi
Kathleen McCann
  President & CEO  United Road

Michael Riggs  Chairman  Jack Cooper Holdings
Dave Fleenor 
Assistant Vice President, Automotive Sales and Marketing  BNSF
Scott Conover
Automotive/Industrial Segment Leader GT Nexus

Live slug
Stream B: Material flows

Moderator:  Christopher Ludwig  Editor  Automotive Logistics group

Paul Biegen  Director, Global Logistics & Customs  Key Safety
Mike Meier 
Executive  Venture Logistics
Antonio Fondevilla 
Executive VP,  Global Automotive Sector Lead  Ceva Logistics
Robert Russell 
General Director Intermodal  UPDS
Volker Vossler 
VP of Operations, Mexico Region  SEGLO Logistics
William Wappler 
President & CEO  Surgere

12:15- 14:00
Networking & lunch
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14:00 – 15:15
Session 7: Automotive Logistics Think Tanks

An informal and invaluable opportunity to share directly with fellow delegates and discuss the topics that matter most to you. Many real actions have developed as a result of our renowned think tanks.
The subjects shown here are a flavour of what will be available. Others will be thrown up by interactions during the conference. See the notice boards for the full plan and all locations.

Insourced  v  outsourced packaging
Supplier owned? OEM owned? One way? 3rd party?
Moderator: Laurent Le Mercier  Senior VP Global Automotive  CHEP

Supplier integration – it’s all about the data
Integration to serve the end customer. Helping to interact through the supply chain
Moderator: David Eyes  Head of Business Development  Data Interchange

Lifting the veil on new vehicle deliveries
End consumers can track shipments from Amazon and almost any other supplier. So why not cars?
Moderator: Marco Maggiore  VP Sales & Marketing  Montway Auto Transport

RFID and the pathway to Big Data and advanced analytics
You can’t analyse it unless you collect it. And in the right way
Moderator: William Wappler  President & CEO  Surgere

Understanding the real supply chain bottlenecks
Forecasting accuracy, capacity planning, resources, disruptions and transportation availability
Moderator: Shay Sidner  Director of Operations  Flexis North America

Global shipping regulations – Biosecurity concerns, clean cargo mandates & stink bugs
What do global shippers need to be aware of regarding new regulations and unique import requirements?
Moderator: Bryan McCausland Corporate Account Manager Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics

Decision, Decision, Decision: Why does it take so long?
Moderator: Rodney Salmon Vice President Sales EMEA  Macro Plastics

Planning for the unplanned
Driver shortages, capacity issues, network disruption: how do we mitigate risks from the unplanned?
Moderator: Tom Tercala  Vice President Automotive Sales  Landstar System

Identifying and capturing cost saving within the international supply chain
Moderator: Paul Forberg  Director Client Solutions  UTi

Let’s talk about Mexico cross-border challenges
What are new and improved practices? What is on your wish list of actionable improvements?
Moderator: Tim Flucht Strategic Account Executive Penske Logistics

U.S. & Mexico customs efforts: Increasing cross-border trade velocity – Making our border fluid and secure
Moderator: Richard Roche Supply Chain Committee Leader  US Mexico Chamber of Commerce

15:00- 15:30
Networking & coffee break
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15:30 – 16:30
Live slug

Session 8: 20/20 Vision

Senior executives join a panel discussion and Q&A to draw together the learning of the past two days.

Moderators: Louis Yiakoumi  & Christopher Ludwig  Automotive Logistics group

Marc Brazeau  Head NAFTA Vehicle Transportation  Chrysler
Matthias Schulz  Director, North America Material Planning & Logistics  Ford
Miguel Tavera 
Director, Global Logistics Purchasing  General Motors
Dana McBrien 
Associate Chief Advisor  Honda of America
Ed Feitzinger 
Chief Executive  UTi
Bradley Jacobs
  Chairman & CEO  XPO Logistics


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