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Automotive Logistics hosts a global series of events for senior automotive logistics professionals.

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    Automotive Logistics Europe conference is the most significant annual gathering of logistics executives from OEMs, tier suppliers and LSPs across Europe. Now held in Bonn, Germany, in the stylish Kameha Grand Hotel on the banks of the river Rhine, Automotive Logistics Europe has been established for over 10 years as an interactive business conference of over 300 senior attendees who come together to network, learn and do business.  




    Moscow / St. Petersburg

    Automotive Logistics Russia brings together domestic and foreign OEMs with logistics service providers, infrastructure managers and government advisors. They meet to network, learn and do business in the sector which presents the single biggest challenge to Russia’s automotive industry – its logistics.






    The original Automotive Logistics conference is held annually in Detroit, and has a track record of developing initiatives and collaborations which have changed the delivery of logistics services in North America. Held annually since the year 2000, Automotive Logistics Global brings together senior executives from OEMs, tier suppliers and LSPs.



    May / June

    Newport Beach

    In the outbound sector, one dedicated conference held annually in California has established itself as a unique meeting of OEMs and logistics service providers. Finished Vehicle Logistics North America is the place for senior executives from all parts of the sector to network, discuss and do business.                                                              





    Organised by Ultima Media at our risk/profit, the event is co-owned by AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group, the leading industry body in the USA), which takes a fee based on delegate sales.A one-day event launched in 2014 and held in Baltimore. Import Export North America focuses on the port/transport issues of finished vehicles, and is branded as ‘powered by AIAG and Finished Vehicle Logistics’.




    Mexico City

    Automotive Logistics Mexico launches in one of the  world’s fastest growing automotive regions. Held in  Mexico City it will unite OEMs, tier ones with LSPs  to discuss the challenges that the region faces and how the industry is approaching them. Filled with great content, excellent networking opportunities and the chance to grow your business contacts with new top level executives.




    Sao Paulo

    Automotive Logistics South America focuses on the region’s need for big and rapid investment to avoid throttling growth in one of the most vibrant automotive markets of the world. This conference brings together the carmakers and tier one suppliers that provide the demand, with the logistics and infrastructure providers that supply the vital services needed for growth.





    The world’s biggest automotive market has some of  the world’s biggest logistics challenges. Automotive Logistics China conference brings together OEMs  and tier suppliers – both jv and domestic with  the logistics service providers who have global and local presence. With the backing of China’s official logistics federation, CFLP, the conference is unique in its significance and in the senior level of executives that attend.





    Perhaps the most exciting future prospect for automotive growth, India is also a country with the biggest logistics challenges. Automotive Logistics India is a unique forum which brings together car-makers and tier suppliers with LSPs, infrastructure providers and government.


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