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  • Audi’s first quarter sales in China drop 22% after dealer dispute

    April 19, 2017

    Audi’s dealer dispute in China seems to have affected the company’s first quarter sales figures, which were released this week and showed a 22.1% year-on-year drop in its biggest market during the first three months of 2017. The company’s dealers in the country have expressed opposition to the OEM’s plans to produce and sell cars …

  • Renault and GCR move to develop aftermarket supply in France

    December 21, 2016

    French carmaker Renault and its dealership association GCR are investing in a 35% stake in the Exadis subsidiary of Groupe Laurent, the aftermarket parts and services supplier. Exadis provides a range of aftermarket parts including brake, clutch, wheel and injection components. Under the proposed agreement, which is close to being finalised, Renault would take a …

  • Hyundai to offer online car purchasing across the UK from January

    December 7, 2016

    Carmaker Hyundai has announced the launch in January of a website in the UK allowing customers to purchase its vehicles and arrange finance online. While the company has provided smaller scale digital store options in the past, such as the one operated with Rockar and another in Madrid, this is the first manufacturer-based sales system …

  • PSA UK signs deal with BCA for remarketing services

    November 30, 2016

    BCA, the used car auction and vehicle logistics provider, its extending its remarketing of used Peugeot, Citroën and DS vehicles in the UK under a new two-year deal signed with PSA Group’s division in the country. The latest deal builds on existing work BCA does for PSA UK, including handling contract hire and personal contract …

  • Service parts distribution: Less distance, more speed

    October 27, 2016

    Aftersales service is critical to a car buyer’s satisfaction and brand perception. We find out how OEMs are dealing with the growing pressures on North American parts distribution networks Identifying efficiencies in service parts distribution is a key issue for OEMs – servicing retail outlets is the primary goal of any parts distribution network, after all …

  • TrustFord expanding Long Marston site to create national fleet hub

    October 21, 2016

    TrustFord, the world’s largest dedicated Ford dealer group with 65 branches in the UK, has announced a significant expansion of its Long Marston fleet distribution site in Warwickshire. The site will expand from 7 acres to 22.5 acres and will have capacity for around 7,000 vehicles, the intention being to make it a national fleet …

  • The High Tide Foundation launches automotive programme for students

    September 12, 2016

    The Hide Tide Foundation, a UK charity based on Teeside in the northeast of England, has launched an ‘Automotive Cadetship’ programme aimed at supporting young local people looking for career opportunities in the region. The foundation was set up by PD Ports and Casper Shipping in 2012. The afterschool scheme, which starts this month, has …

  • Lookers expands dealer network with Drayton buyout

    August 15, 2016

    UK car dealer group Lookers is buying its rival Warwick Holdings, which trades as Drayton Group, for £55.4m ($71m). Drayton provides car sales and aftermarket services for Mercedes-Benz in the West Midlands region of the UK. The buyout includes seven dealerships, bringing the number of Lookers Mercedes-Benz locations in the network to 14. Lookers will …

  • Indonesian dealers demand $75m compensation from Ford

    June 29, 2016

    Ford in Indonesia could be facing a legal claim if it does not pay disgruntled dealers $75m in compensation for withdrawing all business from the country, which it plans to do by the end of this year. In January, Ford announced it was stopping all operations in Indonesia and Japan, including sales and imports of …

  • FVL North America conference: OEMs call for data literate carriers to help cut remarketing costs

    June 15, 2016

    Defleeted vehicle inventory is going to see a 50% increase over the next three years, which suggests more OEMs will get into the remarketing business, increasing competitive pressure. “We are now in a mad rush to see who can do it most effectively,” said Kurt Cornell, general manager for dealer operations, Mercedes-Benz USA. “The OEMs …