Accelerated Services LLC is an asset-based, privately held vehicle transportation provider offering exceptional value while deploying unique and innovative mission-critical solutions.

For 18 years, Accelerated Services LLC has provided exceptional logistics services to manufacturers, dealers and individuals, with a proven formula for success. We pride ourselves on minimal dwell times, damage-free deliveries, electronic reporting and competitive pricing. Our continued growth is a result of building strong client relationships through our core principles of consistency and honesty.

Accelerated Services LLC is the most reliable transporter on the road:
• We have 200 trucks in our fleet, 95% of which date back no further than 2014
• Each truck has 10-car capacity and the Cottrell SoftTie system
• We can instantly track the locations of our trucks
• We can provide local and nationwide transportation services from any plant, port or railhead in the US
• We strategically place trucks wherever needed with limited notice.

Accelerated Services LLC offers professionalism at every cornerstone of our business:
• Every driver is required to have a minimum of two years’ car hauling experience and maintain TWIC credentials
• Each OEM origin has a dedicated management team
• The professionals on our Dispatch Team have over 100 years of combined automotive transport experience
• Our Risk Management Department monitors the safety and compliance of our fleet and sub-haulers.

Accelerated Services LLC puts our integrity into every vehicle transported:
• We provide some of the highest insurance coverages, with an A-rated carrier, in the industry:
– $5m liability
– $1m cargo, including diminished value coverage
– Customs Bonded Carrier
• 2017 SmartWay Transport Partner
• Average fleet age 1.4 years
• 100% Strap only fleet
• All company drivers are covered with $1m in workman’s compensation insurance

We understand your business, we know your concerns, we tailor to your needs.