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Catastrophe Solutions International (CSI Holdings) is reshaping the future for PDR and claims management

Catastrophe Solutions International (CSI) is reshaping the future of PDR, overspray and claims management. If you have an issue with damage that can be repaired using PDR or overspray, CSI is your solution. If you need help tracking or documenting damage during transportation or transfer of control of vehicles, CSI can deploy ADOMEA technology to create new levels of accountability. CSI is building solutions to help the supply chain flow smoothly with a higher level of transparency.

As an innovation-focused company dedicated to improving transparency and efficiency in damage assessment, repair and claims processing, CSI is bringing a new world of options to the vehicle logistics field. CSI is creating solutions that will help manufacturers, logistics companies, fleet operators and re-insurers deliver state-ofthe- art assessment technology, precise repair methods and claim protocols, as well as return cars to their pre-damaged condition with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency to ensure that the cost of repairs are borne by the appropriate party.

CSI is a collection of companies that include technology-based automotive solutions (powered by ADOMEA), paintless dent repair, (PDR) (powered by CSI Hail Repair Solutions), and overspray solutions (powered by Just Like New (JLN)).

Services include PDR, Claims Management and Overspray solutions focusing on client needs and working within their systems. CSI Hail Repair Solutions is ISO 9001-certified in Europe, reflecting a commitment to global quality measures, on-site management, and a lifetime warranty back each repair. The technical teams with CSI are superbly trained and impressive in capacity – more than 1,250 in North America and 750 in Europe and Asia.

Bringing technology into the equation has positioned CSI as the leading company to integrate with for any of these solutions. CSI is working with current customers to put solutions in place that allow them to focus on results. They work with customers to identify the best metrics for measuring success then applying them to get the best results.

ADOMEA is the only company in the world that has a working mobile unit able to scan the exterior of a vehicle and capture the damage that exists on all the sheet metal. ADOMEA uses advanced optical measurement technology to create a surface scan of the whole vehicle, which will capture the different kinds of surface damages.

In the hail application, ADOMEA is used to automate the assessment of damage by quantifying the amount of damage. Different countries have different ways of qualifying damage due to hail, but most of them are similar in that they need to know the number of dents and the size of each dent in order to attach a value or cost. This is the only automated process available for this type of damage assessment. It creates an objective and reliable baseline for an accurate appraisal.

In addition to automated solutions for recording and documenting exterior vehicle damage, ADOMEA also develops software solutions that allow for tight integration with customers. One such program is called ClaimSquare, which gives CSI’s customers the ability to create access and oversight into the repair process. CSI works with customers to offer real-time oversight to ensure consistency and integrity throughout the process, improving alignment of documentation and approvals among parties. ClaimSquare ensures protocols are followed in real time, ultimately reducing ‘leakage’ in the entire claims process.

CSI Hail Repair Solutions reflects a commitment to global quality, on-site management and offers a lifetime warranty backing repairs. CSI continues to pioneer new solutions for the PDR industry. The management team boasts more than 100 years of combined experience in the automotive space with global capabilities. Collaborating with CSI allows customers to have peace of mind, freeing them to stay focused on core objectives knowing business will be back to ‘normal’ quickly.

To provide customers with a solution for overspray, CSI has partnered with overspray removal expert Just Like New (JLN), which works to facilitate bodywork, restoration of chemicals and paint overspray damage. JLN has been the leading company in overspray for over 30 years and specialises in the removal of all types of contaminants, including but not limited to: latex, enamel, acrylic, polyurethane foam, vandalism, cement, acid rain, industrial fallout, urethane, epoxy, fire soot, graffiti, iron filings, oil, volcanic ash and essentially all other overspray possibilities. In addition to overspray, JLN can also help with flood mitigation and smoke elimination. Whether it is 100 vehicles or 10,000, JLN is your best choice for expert management and impeccable service.

No issues where technology, PDR, or overspray are needed are considered too small or too large for CSI. Each environment presents its own unique sets of obstacles. The key to CSI delivering for its customers is working with them to create solutions that are most tailored for each scenario. Whether it’s industrial fallout, a hailstorm, or any other problem where technology may be the solution, CSI has the answers.

CSI is inventing a better future for vehicle logistics. Join in as they take technology to new heights in damage appraisal, claims management, and repairs.

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