Quick facts

- Comprehensive solution for internal logistics in industrial plants

- Bespoke automated guided vehicles of various types, interchanges, dynamic and static conveyors, monitoring of workplaces

- Digital twin of the logistics system

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CEIT focuses on innovative technological solutions in industrial companies. The main area of activity is the planning, optimisation, development and implementation of smart intralogistics and manufacturing systems. CEIT solutions guide you to Industry 4.0.

CEIT is an expert in the field of automation in internal logistics, which goes far beyond just automated transport of material from point A to point B. The CEIT Smart logistics system is a comprehensive solution from A to Z and uses the latest technologies.

The main area of activity is the development and implementation of our own AGV (automatic guided vehicle) system within the framework of logistics automation. It includes automated logistics vehicles, peripherals used to transport and tranship cargo, and their management and monitoring via a control system, including service.

Main benefits of the CEIT logistics solution:

  • Complete automation and optimisation of logistics processes
  • Improved health and safety levels
  • Cost savings
  • Unrestricted, non-stop 24/7 operation
  • Quality, stability and predictability of the logistics process
  • Continuity of material flow
  • Flexible adaptation of logistics to just-in-time environments
  • Fact-based decision-making and real-time configuration of the system
  • Online digitalisation of logistics equipment movements
  • Online logistics flow management
  • Collecting and constantly evaluating data as the basis for further streamlining and optimisation
  • A comprehensive picture of the current state of the logistics operation
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Quick access to comprehensive and relevant information
  • Reducing the costs of error and inefficiency
  • Increased productivity in logistics and production

The CEIT logistics system is based on a modular concept – a prerequisite for widespread use – to automate and optimise the different levels of logistics processes in industrial plants.