One of the fastest growing 3PLs

In 2013, CFR Rinkens LLC, a California-based NVOCC with focus on both automotive and commercial goods, moved beyond its traditional business of shipping high-end classic and collector cars and signed its first major OEM contract with Tesla Motors.

Today, CFR is the primary global shipper of Tesla’s luxury Model S and Model X electric vehicles. Other OEM deals have followed since then. In 2015, CFR formed a joint venture withA PL Logistics, a subsidiary of Kintetsu World Express, to transport vehicles in containers on North America’s rail network. In 2016, CFR was honored by Inc. Magazine and placed on its prestigious Inc 5,000 Top Private Companies List.

Leading the trend to containerise
CFR Rinkens has been leading the trend to containerise finished vehicles in recent years. Using innovative racking technologies, CFR safely stacks up to five cars per 40ft container. On the North American intermodal rail network the number is even higher, with up to seven cars per 53ft container.

Being able to maximise container utilisation reduces shipping cost per unit considerably and lowers the overall damage ratio. Handovers are significantly reduced and transit times improved over the traditional ro-ro model.

Growth of a global network
Across all segments, CFR has moved more than 60,000 cars in containers in 2017, and 80,000 vehicles are projected for 2018. CFR leads the field with vast experience and a global network of offices, terminals, and agents to provide seamless end-to-end vehicle logistics.

As a result of CFR’s entreprenurial push to containerisation, OEMs in Europe, Asia and North and South America have recently added the containerised option into their finished vehicle logistics chain.

Why containers versus ro-ro?
• Enclosed transport, fewer touches
• Unparalleled low damage ratios
• Weekly sailings, faster end-to-end transit time
• More origin-destination port options
• Ideal for small-to-medium-volume lanes
• Reduction of carbon footprint
• Re-use of inbound parts containers for outbound exports
• Off-port processing advantages

Some of CFR’s OEM services:
• Identifying niche lanes for containerisation
• Providing load demos and trial shipments free of charge
• Designing end-to-end outbound solutions in containers
• Providing partial services, or full end-to-end forwarding solutions
• Owning and managing the racking equipment