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Building better supply chains

We understand that operating in today’s automotive industry requires an increasingly flexible supply chain, given expanding consumer demands, legislation, environmental regulations and market competitiveness. Automakers respond to these challenges through innovation – by improving designs, manufacturing processes, logistics and other business practices to achieve optimal performance. Every minute your employees spend sorting, inspecting, cleaning, maintaining and tracking containers is time away from your company’s core competencies. We can help you achieve greater performance in your current container management processes by evaluating your in-house operation to create efficiencies that drive future growth and profitability. Providing pooling solutions for domestic and global component movements.

CHEP delivers:
• Simplicity – CHEP’s wide range of flexible solutions are designed to meet your supply chain needs, including the use of reusable packaging, optimised for handling, storage, transportation and lineside presentation.
• High quality – Our packaging solutions for intercontinental transportation are designed to maximise sea container capacity, protect part integrity and provide a viable and sustainable alternative to the use of one-way packaging.
• Lower cost – You will benefit from increased operational efficiency, reduced transport needs, reduced product damage and a reduction in your total packaging-related costs.