Quick facts

• 112 worldwide offices
• 217m kg/YTD
• 1,055 shipments/day

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The best kept secret in global logistics

At Crane Worldwide Logistics, we have built a reputation of doing what we say we can, especially with the most complex and difficult of tasks. To reduce risks and problems for clients, our intellectual property predictive analytics system provides proactive updates to keep life moving forward. When you approach every client situation as a client advocate, rather than from the perspective of a transactional freight provider, value just happens.

Our mission
Crane Worldwide is dedicated to becoming the industry’s premier global provider of customised transportation and logistics services by delivering innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions.
Our solutions create strategic value and a competitive edge for our global customers; while providing a challenging and rewarding work environment for our greatest asset, our own employees.

Our values
We built our value proposition around the competencies that our customers set forth for us. These values were so important to us that we have based our company around them.

• People: The ability to recruit, train and retain the best team members in the market. This allows CWW to minimise interruptions and continue to help innovate customers’ supply chains.

• Account management: Crane Worldwide account managers continue to look for ways to bring predictability along with cost reductions to the total supply chain on a daily basis. The use of QBRs also allows customers to look at their supply chains in a quarterly strategic view.

• Technology: Transparency and accessibility via the web provides readily available information in a format that is usable and sustainable on a daily basis. This gives our customers visibility and predictability for their shipping needs

• Compliance and quality: The global compliance team works to reduce exposure to businesses that do business outside of their own country while providing best practices based on experience as well as new automated tools in the sector.

• Service execution: ROTP (Raw On Time Performance) is how we measure ourselves; this means no excuses when it comes to service. It is the team’s responsibility to delight and satisfy the customer, and we work hard to deliver the product to the customer on time, based on agreed standards, with no exception to how the product looked when it left the plant – and at an agreed price.