Quick facts

• Technology platform
• Logistics-as-a-service
• 13 employees
• Based in USA
• On-demand driveaway
• Temporary digital license plating
• Drivers in 28+ states
• Over 60,000 units moved

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Driveaway redefined
DriverDo was founded in 2013 and has disrupted the driveaway industry. Imagine requesting moves that go direct-to-driver? We are the first company to create On-Demand auto relocation and repositioning.

DriverDo stands for:
Patented technology • Direct access driver pools • Insurance • Digital plating All in one

Logistics-as-a-service for short to midrange inbound, outbound, repositioning and customer delivery

Cloud-based technology for the world
• Our system calculates the number of drivers
• One click gives ten or hundreds of drivers individualised commands to complete moves
• We’ve standardised the process
• Everything’s paperless. Move one or thousands of units with our system

Our systems works with yours
• APIs
• EDI messaging
• Inventory integration
• Cost analysis and reporting
• Accounting integrations
• Insane amounts of data including speed, latitude and longitude of units and more!

No more RFQs
• Our system gives instant pricing when you build a lane or send us multiple lanes
• Work with us direct

Technology, insurance and vetted labour in one place
• We create direct-access driver pools anywhere
• Our system tells drivers exactly what to do step by step with one click
• We track your units from the driver level
• We have better insurance than most and typically exceed the coverage requirements

Coming soon: Patented usage-based license plating
Temporary plates that can replace or complement: Driveaway/transporter plates, dealer plates, commercial plates, rental plates, RideShare ID, or subscription-based tagging
• Integrated with our system
• Stays with drivers or vehicles
• Plate or MC ID changes with the job, expires by time, and is custom to the use

It has been tested and is now ready to expand at:
• Ports
• Railheads
• Auctions
• Dealerships
• Service
• Rental
• Fleet
• Retail