Quick facts

percentage of business in automotive


existing customers

Daimler, Jaguar Land Rover, Ford, BMW, VW and others

location of activities

Operating globally with offices in Bermuda; Sarasota, US; London, UK; Port Elizabeth, South Africa; and Shanghai, China

range of assets

CBU cassette systems: 2-5-unit load; SKD cassette systems: 3-4-unit load

type of services

Equipment leasing, transport system development, process engineering, containerization consulting

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The world’s leader in containerized vehicle transportation

Kar-Tainer International provides solutions for the transportation of both CBU (completely built up) vehicles and SKD (semi-knockdown) vehicle bodies with similar patented technology, and therefore common cassette-based systems.

Kar-Tainer is the global leader in the containerized transportation of motor vehicles. Damage ratios that run at the unheard of level of 0.02% are a proven fact.
Four and even five cars can be securely packed into a 40ft high cube container, but most importantly the vehicles are not driven into the container; a container can be loaded in five minutes with nothing attached to it, no chains for leveraging vehicles, and no personnel inside the container during the loading process.

Compared to damage ratios in ro-ro at approximately 3-5%, and for competitive container packing in excess of this, Kar-Tainer is the safest, most secure containerized transportation provider in the market today. It is also the only provider that can accommodate high-volume moves and therefore has become a very real alternative to the ro-ro and PCC forms of transportation.

As an innovator within the world of SKD transportation Kar-Tainer has developed a concept for transportation of SKD vehicle bodies based on the same system as its CBU patent. Implementation of a steel-based, returnable system for vehicle body transport removes the need for expandable wooden packaging, cutting costs and reducing the CO2 footprint tremendously, while at the same time optimizing load factor and enabling more efficient in-plant logistics operations.

Compared to traditional methods for shipping SKD vehicle bodies, Kar-Tainer’s re-usable solutions helps shippers save millions on transport and packaging cost, ensuring a safe and reliable SKD supply chain.

We’ve covered the world

Kar-Tainer International has in excess of 25 years’ experience in the vehicle containerized transportation business. In that time, we have shipped over 1m vehicles to and from many global destinations, such as Africa, China, India, Malaysia, United Kingdom, mainland Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America and Central America.