Quick facts

Existing customers:

over 20 car brands


150 Million Euro

Location of activities:

Netherlands, Belgium, Germany

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Koopman Logistics Group is the largest automotive logistics service provider in the Benelux, offering integrated logistics services to car manufacturers, importers and managers of large vehicle fleets, such as lease and rental companies. Koopman Logistics Group is certified under ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Innovative & tailor-made logistics solutions
Over the past few years, Koopman Logistics Group has become well-known as an innovative and full-service automotive logistics provider. The implementation of a brand new application platform allowing Koopman to develop apps for mobile devices and the digitalisation of processes are only a few examples of recent initiatives by Koopman. Contrary to many of its competitors, Koopman provides tailor-made solutions which are fine-tuned with the customer to enable that information can be shared quickly and without any problem.

Our focus: cycle time reduction
Koopman provides a complete turnkey logistics service for importers, dealers, lease companies, rental companies and other large fleet owners:

  • Transport (national and international)
  • Import and/or export of vehicles, including documents
  • Preparing both new and used vehicles for use
  • Collecting previously rented or leased cars
  • Storage of batches of vehicles
  • Preparing used vehicles for remarketing

Improvement of your operating capital
The combination of transport, storage and ample experience with the vehicle handling places Koopman Logistics Group in a unique position. We are able to process large numbers of vehicles within a short period of time and always remain committed to further optimisation of supply chain processes. This time saving makes the vehicle available for resale to the next driver sooner. The result? Our customers achieve a significant advantage in their ‘cash to cash cycle’.

Car terminal infrastructure
The Koopman car terminals are strategically located in Amsterdam harbour and Born, Netherlands. The Koopman company ‘Dent Art’ in Belgium offers spot repair, smart repair and hail repair. It has a well-equipped repair centre but also operates mobile teams to serve the customers on their own sites.