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Lagermax is an owner-managed group and represents reliability and continuity with its entrepreneurial personalities. Through personal commitments, the objective is to achieve logistics services that are economically successful and offer high customer benefits. As an internationally operating corporate group, Lagermax is delivering logistics system services with great competence.

The company considers itself to be the customers’ cooperative partner and contributes to an environmentally safe, reliable and cost-efficient task fulfillment along the supply chain.

As a family run business, Lagermax has gained an excellent reputation since its foundation more than 95 years ago. Performance, innovation, quality and reliability have made Lagermax one of Austria’s leading forwarding- and logistics companies.

The appearance of the Lagermax Group in public is characterised by the appearance and actions of each and every employee. Every employee is responsible for his actions and omissions to promote the environmentally- and socially aware image of the Lagermax Group.

The company philosophy “Together in motion” aims to set something in motion. The focus here is on working together and sharing.

“Together in motion”

  • Headquarters: Salzburg
  • Employee group (2015): 3,200
  • Group sales (2015): 415 million Euros
  • Branches: 53 company locations in 12 countries
  • Pallet spaces: 51,800
  • Storage space: 105,600 m²
  • New vehicle storage space: 1,920,000 m²

Lagermax Autotransport GmbH is a subsidiary of Lagermax Group that specializes in car transports.

The Lagermax Car Transport headquarters are in Strasswalchen, only a few miles outside the Mozart city Salzburg. The new vehicle storage space of the Lagermax Car Transport Group includes 1,920,000 sqm and has annual sales of about 920,000 vehicles.

The transport of vehicles is a specialty of Lagermax. As a “Lead Logistics Provider”, we can offer our customers individual logistics concepts from the car manufacturer’s conveyor belt all the way to the dealer.

As the “Lead Logistics Provider”, we can offer our customers logistics concepts from the car manufacturer’s conveyor belt all the way to the dealer.

Lagermax’s Car Transport uses IT solutions not only throughout its Lagermax branches but also with our partners, to guarantee gapless shipment tracking and transport control of the valuable merchandise.

The Lagermax Car Transport headquarters are in Strasswalchen, only a few miles outside the Mozart city Salzburg. The storage space for the Car Transport Group’s new vehicles is about 1,920,000 sqm in seven countries.

The Lagermax Car Transport Group is one of the largest and most experienced specialized freight carriers in the automotive business.

With our branches in Hungary, Croatia, Romania, and Slovakia, we are a specialized freight carrier for Central, South, and Eastern Europe. Lagermax Car Transport operates branches in Bulgaria and Serbia as part of a joint venture.

Since we are committed to our environment, we mainly use such ecological modes of transport as rail and ship. Our truck fleet of 550 specialized vehicles guarantees that we can provide efficient support to our domestic and international customers.

With more than four decades of experience in the automotive business, the Car Transport Group has special customs storage areas in Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Serbia.

This eliminates the often time-consuming and expensive controls during vehicle transports from the manufacturer to the Lagermax site. Following the vehicle delivery assignment by a dealer, our own trained personnel handles any necessary customs formalities. With the special customs storage areas at our company locations in South, Central, and Eastern Europe, we are an efficient international logistics partner in all automotive areas.


Lagermax Car Transport provides special services for all your vehicle’s needs.

Our unique vehicle preparation (PDI) as well as our customized car modifications and special vehicles require a high level of core competence. Paint jobs and other repairs complete the range of Lagermax’s car services.

Lagermax takes over all of the controls before delivery to the car dealers, because sometimes a few wishes still need to be fulfilled in the vehicle preparation before delivery.


Our goal is to provide a service program that guarantees a perfect condition, technically as well as visually. Our Lagermax specialists have access to the latest technology, not only during the rust-proofing but also the delivery service.

“We can flexibly fulfill all of our customers’ wishes!”

Your benefits

  • Technical and optical delivery service
  • Two washing tunnels for vehicles
    Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and a daily capacity of about 800 cars, our facilities can meet the toughest demands. Of course all work is performed in compliance with the current environmental standards. For example, the facilities can treat wastewater with a recovery process that corresponds to the latest research.
  • Control
    Before leaving the company site, the vehicles are subjected to the aid of electronic inspection lists and brand-specific diagnostic systems, a precise technical control.
  • Cleaning
    We complete the visual part of the pre-delivery inspection with a complete interior and exterior cleaning, followed by polishing and sealing.


Lagermax offer a substantial range of repair services, from our own paint shop to the state-of-the-art repair shop.

Whether the work includes repairs of chipping, glass replacements or damage processing, the Lagermax car specialists are directly able to satisfy every customer’s wish for a wide range of vehicle modifications. We always provide a detailed car polish at the end of every service.

“We can give your vehicles the best protection possible.”



Sometimes severe weather occurrences can result in sudden hail storms that cause more or less damage to cars.

Repairing the car body can be a very expensive undertaking. But now those worries can be eliminated once and for all! With our new CSR – car soft repair system – we can quickly and inexpensively fix dents in vehicle bodies. Best of all, you won’t have to pay for new parts or paint. The innovative CDR technology makes it possible to remedy damages without impacting the paint surface – just as the name “car soft repair” promises.


Our quality assurance accompanies the entire painting process. To ensure that our services are professional and high-quality from the start.

Our quality management according to ISO 9001 provides us with the right tool for this. Our paint facilities are equipped with the latest technology. We offer high-quality services during all production steps. This is why we work at our lab with state-of-the-art instruments and processes for material testing.

Ecological responsibility in the form of heat recovery through aggregates with energy-saving features, air-stop features, or sound absorbers installed in the air supply and exhaust channels: Our paint facilities correspond to the latest ecological standards. Just like the materials we use. Because we are aware of our responsibility towards our environment and future generations.

Lagermax always takes care to complete any kind of vehicle modification for you to your fullest satisfaction.


We can make any number of modifications at our own workshops to ensure that your particular vehicle – whether passenger car or functional vehicle – will distinguish itself from the standard models.

Lagermax offers special attachments for all undercarriages, along with customized solutions for your individual wishes.

Following the motto “Let us top you off”, Lagermax constructs individual platform and box attachments with total weights of up to 7.5 tons. With special interior installations if desired.

“Modification with Passion”

Do you have you an idea, a vision, a dream?


We, the team at Lagermax Modification Center, will help you make this all a reality.
From the smallest modifications through to radical conversions, we have been fulfilling any dreams our customers might have for more than 18 years. We work very closely with our customers, giving them excellent advice and delivering unique results.


“Modification with Passion“ is not just a slogan, it actually defines the passion of all our staff that is reflected in the end product!

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