Quick facts

percentage of business in automotive


existing customers

Short- and long-haul companies from 1-2,500 trucks

location of activities

Canada, US, Mexico

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Lohr Automotive is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Lohr Group, in charge of managing all the automotive-related businesses the group is involved in.

After 50 years of continuous development, the Lohr Group’s organisation comprises the following:
• A staff of 1,500 dedicated people across the world
• Over 120 engineers and technicians gathered within our R&D centre, located in Strasbourg
• Seven factories on three different continents including Delavan Industries in the US, Lohr Mexico, Lohr India and Lohr Istanbul.

Two fields of competence bringing forward their own specific products and solutions.


Lohr Automotive
Lohr Automotive’s areas of responsibility include all the activities related to the sale and marketing of vehicle transporters.

As a result of this, Lohr is able to optimise its support towards the needs and requirements of its customers in terms of automotive logistics in various areas such as new and used vehicle sales; technical  assistance and consulting; user training; load training and optimisation; and documentation on all continents.

Tens of thousands of vehicle transporters run across the world loaded with cars, SUVs, vans, trucks, utility vehicles, agricultural products and two-wheelers.

Lohr Railway System
Successful multimodal operations, utilising our environmentally friendly LOHR UIC wagon.

A strong aftersales and technical service network that is easily accessible and available across five continents.

Lohr service
A network of over 230 professionals is at your service throughout Europe. To visit the complete network and learn more about Lohr service please visit: