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Total supply chain optimisation for the automotive industry


We manage, assemble and distribute parts and finished products for clients in the automotive, industrial, aerospace and technology sectors. We engineer and execute global logistics and supply chain network solutions that bring a competitive advantage and attractive returns to our clients’ operations. We offer a full suite of integrated logistics and supply chain management services – from core service parts logistics, inbound logistics and finished goods distribution to value-added services like inventory and transportation management.

Deep engagement in automotive industry
Our clients, who include some of the world’s leading blue-chip companies and brands, trust us to manage a critical part of their supply chains. Over 30 years in increasingly complex global environments, we’ve refined our approach to take business productivity – and our client’s ability to succeed – to new levels. With our average client relationship spanning 15 years, we become true partners in success.

Process is in our DNA
At Neovia, process is in our DNA and our mantra is ‘continuous improvement’. We are the creators of the proprietary Neovia Operating System – a lean and Six Sigmabased production system that helps us engineer the right supply chain solution for each client and execute it flawlessly in every facility, every day.


Outstanding service parts planning
From forecasting and replenishment to deployment and performance analytics, our clients depend on us to help them drive customer loyalty by delivering parts and products where they are needed, at exactly the right time, always in perfect condition.
Neovia’s unique combination of manuafacturing heritage and process discipline helps our clients keep their products flowing and their customers satisfied.

Ground-breaking proprietary technology
Neovia’s powerful, proprietary simulation process utilises discrete analysis and demand history to simulate outcomes from thousands of network, warehouse, supplier and other parameters to maximise inventory performance and optimise spend.
The results of the simulator are easily translated into execution as part of Neovia’s Inventory Management (IM) solution.

IM case study: New model launch
A leading maker of premium 4×4 vehicles needed 3,600 new service parts in 177 global markets in time for its biggest-ever new vehicle launch. Neovia helped it surpass its launch goal of 96% overall FPA (first-pick availability) for aftermarket support, reaching:
• 97% overall FPA for new and common parts
• 93.1% new parts FPA
• 97.5% accessory parts FPA
• 1.5 days – average back order clearance
• 3.1 – inventory turn of new model parts 24 months after launch.

The 4×4 vehicle manufacturer’s parts director said it had been “the best-ever new vehicle launch.”

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