nVision Global Technology Solutions Inc., established in 1992, specialises in global supply chain technology, both softwareas-a-service (SaaS) and managed services for transportation, procurement, contract management, freight invoice audits and loss and damage cargo claims.

nVision’s global network boasts six corporately owned, strategically placed, full service processing centres, supported by a worldwide staff of 400 associates. nVision Global is not only a developer of innovative technology, but also uses it every day to provide managed services.

nVision Global’s freight invoice audit and payment solutions provide best-in-class audit results and transportation spend analytics, delivering real-time visibility and actionable transportation business intelligence. nVision Global will audit and pay in excess of 100m invoices for approximately $5.2 billion worth of freight spend this year.

nVision Global’s transportation and logistics management solution, iMpact TMS, connected to a company’s ERP system, will automatically create shipment orders; rate the orders against negotiated pricing tariffs; perform controlled spot bids on these shipments if necessary; retrieve management approval for the individual shipment; tender the shipment to the chosen transportation provider; and ultimately provide integrated visibility of the shipment’s movements from pickup to delivery.

Currently scheduled for release in Q1 of 2018 is its enhanced self-invoicing platform complete with web portals for exception management – the future of freight invoice auditing!

nVision Global has contract management and rating and route features that enable stakeholders to choose the most costefficient routing for the shipment activity.  Furthermore, to improve the monitoring of shipment tracking and using real-time updates, the firm leverages iVisibility, a real-time monitoring portal. This product is designed for multimodal, multi-transportation provider real-time visibility for inbound and outbound transport activity, bills of lading, purchase orders and tendered shipments.

nVision Global provides configurable solutions based on individual customers and their desires for managed services, software services or a combination of both.

nVision Global continues to build its network of tens of thousands of global multimodal transportation providers and customers, managing millions of rate tables that are utilised in tens of billions of dollars in transportation spend annually. nVision Global’s unique suite of tools provides these capabilities in a streamlined workflow that allows supply chain and logistics managers to have the control and visibility they need to optimise costs.