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Breakthrough Results Through Digitalization


It’s Why Many Leading Companies are on the Network

Auto OEMs, tiered suppliers, and logistics providers are leveraging One Network’s powerful Automotive Solutions to achieve radical improvements across their supply chains. Typical results include:

  • Improved on-time delivery performance
  • 15% – 40% reduction in inventory
  • 10%-25% reduction in expedite costs
  • 5%-10% reduction in standard freight spend
  • 50% to 80% lower total cost of ownership compared to typical enterprise software solutions


A Real Time Multi-Party Network for Automotive


This is accomplished through a real time multi-party network with continuous planning engines, and control tower based optimal execution enablers.

Whether you are an OEM, Tiered Supplier, Distributor, or 3PL/4PL, One Network provides the disruptive technology and processes to deliver rapid measurable business value.


A Consumer-driven network


Great Companies are Consumer-Driven, Now You Can Be Too

Powered by a patented, multi-party cloud platform, the Real Time Value Network provides a single end-to-end operating backbone for you and all your trading partners. It enables you to monitor, plan, collaborate, execute, and transact business in real time across the automotive value chain to together serve the consumer.   Some of the world’s largest automotive OEMs, tiered suppliers and logistics providers are already operating on the network.

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One Network Quick Facts: 2 of top OEMS; 17% of worldwide Auto Parts transacted on the Network; over 6000 Carriers with $500B shipped/year

By connecting to the “many-to-many” network environment, you can manage planning, execution, and transactions across multiple tiers of your suppliers, your customers, as well as dealer, and logistics providers. The result is a customer-driven supply chain with unprecedented visibility and control while reducing total system cost to deploy, maintain, and support.


Unique Technology Powers the Real Time Value Network

One Network’s patented architecture, innovative application platform and tools enable tailored yet supported solutions that are never legacy.  This, combined with a subscription based model, results in 2X to 10X faster time to value and 3X to 5X lower total cost of ownership.

One Network Automotive Industry Solutions

One Network offers a comprehensive set of automotive solutions for OEMs, Suppliers and Logistics Providers (3PL or 4PL):

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AUTOMOTIVE NETWORK on EDI Platform with Real Time Connectivity includes solutions for: Aftermarket Spares Planning and Integrated Logistics, Returns/Recalls, Inbound Supply / Integrated Logistics, Module Visibility, Multi-Tier Demand Translation and Collaboration, JIT / JIS / Consignment Visibility, Transportation Optimization and Dynamic Planning, End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility and Orchestration with Global Demand-Supply Matching.

Work faster and smarter with integrated and intelligent solutions that work together with real time demand and supply data to optimize your supply chain. Supported workflows include:

  • Aftermarket Spares
  • Integrated Business Planning
  • Demand Management and Replenishment Planning
  • Intelligent Order Forecast Sourcing
  • Inbound Supply Management
  • Optimized Inbound Execution
  • Customer Order Management and Collaboration
  • Optimized Outbound Execution
  • Inventory Management
  • Fully integrated Logistics suite
  • Global Inventory Visibility
  • Scheduling and Capacity Management


See it in Action

There’s no better way to learn the power of the Automotive Solution than to see it in action. Email to learn more, see it for yourself and get your questions answered.

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