Quick facts

percentage of business in automotive


existing customers

Major OEMs and major tier one and two suppliers

annual turnover


location of activities

US, Mexico, Canada

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For over 25 years, ProTrans has been providing innovative customer solutions. We understand that your supply chain is unique and unlike any other. We understand that you need a partner that operates on the cutting edge while delivering world-class business analytics used to drive continuous improvements.

Our programmes integrate with your business enterprise, driving solutions that optimise our customers’ time, money and resources. We are an operator as well as a manager in your network, which ultimately drives bottom-line savings, reduced claims, improved transit times and increased visibility. ProTrans is ‘A Perfect Fit’ for your unique supply chain.

Who we are

ProTrans is a non-asset-based US logistics management company with customised solutions to improve customer efficiencies across supply chains. Headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, ProTrans operates service centres throughout Canada, Mexico and the US.


What we do

We are committed to providing solutions that expand our customers’ resources through value-added service enhancements, leading-edge technology development and highly skilled customer support specialists.


How we do it

ProTrans is more than just a logistics provider.
We’re strategic problem-solvers who take a holistic approach to getting the most out of your network. With tested processes, robust technology and talented professionals, we assess your infrastructure top-down – seizing opportunities that ultimately steer efficiency.


• Turnkey third party logistics (3PL)
Let us manage every aspect of your complex logistics needs, so you can focus on your core competencies

• Optimisation through consolidation
We move more of your materials with fewer trucks, reducing your carbon footprint, keeping costs down and efficiencies high

• Unplanned/expedited freight management
Ensuring the right freight gets to the right place at the right time, every time

• Comprehensive materials management
Flexible warehousing solutions that respond to your unique inventory and fulfillment needs

• Simplified cross-border processing
Multiple validation and verification options for when you need to move inventory across the border

• Intellectual talent
ProTrans’ overall success lies in our people. We’ve made a full commitment to our Talent Development Program, a comprehensive program covering all departments in our company.