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Vehicle sales are growing – it’s time to mend the roof and invest. Most logistics chains have been starved of investment during the last decade for obvious reasons.
But now, more than ever, what happens in the finished vehicle logistics chain is impacting upon sales figures. Now is the time to innovate and focus upon the end client. Tell them when to expect their car, keep them updated and tell them when key events such as arriving in territory happens; speed up flows for sold orders over stock orders and above all challenge the status quo.

Customer expectations are rising

Key to this improvement drive are two questions customers ask themselves every day: How do I get my product delivered quickly? And how do I get my product delivered efficiently?

Two thirds of manufacturers and distributors across multiple retail verticals have customer service gaps when compared to the likes of Amazon, according to a study undertaken by LMA Consulting Group Inc. This study concluded that Amazon has gone way beyond creating a buzz with its innovative service options: it has raised the bar for customer service permanently. This is the ‘Amazon Effect’ and, if manufacturers and distributors want to keep their customers, they should pay attention and take action immediately.

A difference between plain sailing and sinking

It’s all about gathering information and sharing it. Information can be harvested in real time, recording the status of any shipment as it passes through. This leads to accurate delivery forecasting, with any delays reported immediately back to you and other stakeholders in the supply chain.

Using real-time logistics technology, you can eliminate the black hole into which vehicles usually fall when they
leave the assembly line. If there are delays due to damage and repair time, wrong prioritisation or even adverse weather conditions, you can quickly make schedule changes with your partners or customers.

Upgrading supply chain technology provides far-reaching benefits that go beyond the all-important raising of
customer service. Having vehicles lingering in storage facilities or dock-side doesn’t help anyone. They are more likely to get damaged, delayed further or even lost.
Meanwhile, more vehicles are released from the assembly line and the problem gets bigger.

With better visibility of stock location inventory management becomes far easier.
Cars that were ordered and finished first get delivered first, meaning your customer relations improve. It’s time to adapt, invest in the supply chain and reap the many benefits improved customer service will bring, including further growth.

Start with your logistics requirements not IT

While we work with IT, we never recommend any business to rush to invest in and implement software expecting
a magical fix. IT can bring resilience, agility and efficiency to any business, but managing the change is vital.
Implementing a new system takes time and money, so you need to have confidence that:
• What you are implementing is right for your business
• It’s going to meet your business needs
• Your investment is going to bring business benefits
• You can identify a return in your investment
• Your team(s) are confident in using the system and you can run it in-house.

As a business solutions provider, we do more than sell you software. We can manage the complete process for you so you aren’t juggling it with your day job.
• Help to define and map out your requirements
• Build a business case
• Define the project
• Deliver workshops
• Plan and manage the implementation
• Engage the stakeholders
• Deliver end user training
• Carry out the testing
• Manage the go-live
• Carry out a review and the project closure
• Continue to support you with services and the development of your system to support the evolution of your business

Following a process like this means a greater chance of you seeing a return on your investment, gaining efficiencies in your business and having happy employees. Invest time at the beginning to be confident in the changes you are making.

Event Management Logistics (EML)

Having already managed over 1.8m vehicles, boosting efficiency, customer satisfaction and having an ‘always available’ service, Sovereign is confident that it can provide an EML solution for your exact business needs.

EML is an all-encompassing web based IT solution from Sovereign that provides complete logistics management for the entire distribution and delivery processes from carmaker to dealer delivery or end customer.

Sovereign supports companies (carmakers, tier suppliers, lead logistics providers, carriers [road, rail, river, sea]
port and terminal operators as well as inspection and damage repair services) of any scale of operation in the finished vehicle supply chain by providing a real-time logistics management solution specifically designed for the automotive logistics market.

The service provides you with:
• Anytime anywhere access
• IT + automotive logistics knowledge
• Accuracy & speed
• Scalability
• Risk mitigation
• Efficiency
• Forecasting
• Agility

Sovereign is a business solutions provider that offers a fully integrated approach to transforming the way businesses operate, focusing on making the people and the processes of a business more efficient and
delivering technology to make them more effective.

Sovereign – Your logistics is at the heart of our business