Trinity Industries, Inc. (NYSE: TRN) is a diversified industrial company that owns market-leading businesses providing products and services to the energy, transportation, chemical, and construction sectors. Trinity’s railcar manufacturing and leasing companies, using the trade name TrinityRail, are leading North American providers of railcars and comprehensive rail services.

TrinityRail is the largest manufacturer of railcars in North America offering a wide and diversified line of products.
TrinityRail’s portfolio of products include a variety of covered hoppers, flat cars and intermodal equipment, open hoppers, box cars, gondolas, tank cars and products to support the automotive industry.

With an owned and managed fleet of over 100,000 railcars, TrinityRail offers one of the largest lease fleets in North America. Also available are railcar parts and components, railcar management services, on-site field service assistance and other customer-focused services that provide greater operational efficiencies and enhanced railcar utilisation.

With facilities that offer unmatched experience and resources, TrinityRail is the leading producer of autoracks in North America. TrinityRail provides both standard bi-level and tri-level equipment as well as specialty products. Included in our portfolio are fully convertible autoracks for greater shipper utilisation.
These cars provide standardised features and a common structure for tri-level or bi-level application.

TrinityRail also provides the SealSafe® radial door. This industry leading product offers enhanced security, vehicle protection while minimising maintenance.
In addition, Trinity Parts and Components offer the latest in vehicle securement systems, the low profile TTM®.
TrinityRail continues to offer innovative and focused products and services designed to add greater value to shippers of finished vehicles.