VPS is a pioneer, innovator, and leader in the automotive hail protection market. For more than 25 years, our auto manufacturer and dealership clients have relied on VPS to provide unique hail protection solutions for their valuable inventories.

VPS offers a wide range of structural options, all of which are designed and engineered to local building codes.
These permanent systems are virtually maintenance-free and provide OEMs with peace of mind in knowing their inventories are protected from hail events.

Our system consists of a steel frame with a cable-tensioned, industrial-strength HDPE membrane. This membrane effectively acts as a roof, preventing hail from damaging vehicles that are staged beneath. The HDPE material allows considerable diffused light to pass through from the sun and high-mast lights, essentially eliminating the
need for additional lighting.

VPS utilises a permanent, modular design which enables a custom coverage footprint for each individual truck-away lot or railhead yard. We currently have multiacre hail protection installations in use at a number of auto assembly plants in North America, including Smyrna Tennessee US, Lincoln Alabama US, Chattanooga
Tennessee US, and San José Chiapa Puebla, Mexico.

Our business is vertically integrated, providing comprehensive resources that result in successful projects and enduring partnerships. We are experts in the areas of feasibility studies, scope analysis and definition, design and engineering, manufacturing, project management, and construction.

Our project consultations are often provided gratis and we prefer to involve experts from across our company during the consultation phase to ensure all project interests are considered at the outset.

Most importantly, our project management and scheduling teams employ client integrated project planning methods throughout the construction process that enable our clients to conduct normal business operations without disruption.

VPS products has been proven effective over many years in drastically reducing hail damage to vehicles. We are a leader, innovator, and the one you can trust.