Quick facts

annual revenue

$2.9 billion

number of employees

6,000 worldwide

size of fleet

About 60 ro-ro vessels

number of trade routes

12 trade routes globally

ports served

More than 80 ports worldwide

vehicle movements

1.9m at sea and 2.5m inland

number of terminals

13 terminals in key markets

processing services

67 processing centres worldwide processing 6m units

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The Perfect Handover – creating value at every point of transfer

When a new car is delivered by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics to the dealer, it’s not just another handover. It’s the last in a series of transfers designed to perfection. It’s about precision and efficiency at every step. And it’s about combining local expertise with a truly global network. Whether you need reliable shipping from A to B or solutions to optimise your outbound supply chain, we work with you to create value  at every handover.

Through this approach we help our customers reduce inventory costs and increase delivery precision from factory to dealer.

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Find the most efficient path to the Marketplace

Agility, responsiveness, and efficiency can be elusive in the factory-to-dealer chain.

Limited capacity, long lead times, and high costs confront you at every link. That’s why Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics always begins by understanding your challenges.

We offer a full range of services to help you optimise your outbound logistics and find your product’s most efficient path to the marketplace.

Forward visibility of your integrated chain is a critical ingredient for ensuring that perfect handover. Our supply chain platform couples our own assets and activities with those of our partners providing customers a full itinerary for each unit under management.

Talk to us about how we can design reliable and optimised solutions to get your products to new markets or help you source from new production locations in an efficient way.

Work with us to address challenges and inefficiencies in your outbound supply chain with our network redesign, optimisation and scenario planning covering cost, lead time, quality and emissions


Ocean transportation

Through our global liner network, we provide you with on-time, frequent and flexible transportation. World-class quality processes and a fleet of more than 60 modern ro-ro vessels guarantee that your product is delivered in perfect condition.

And you stay in control through real-time tracking on the web or by EDI.


Inland distribution

Whether your cars are headed for domestic or international distribution, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics provides you the fastest, most cost-efficient way to move your products inland to the point of sale, be it from the factory or a port, by rail or by road. Through our global network of experienced personnel, local inland distribution entities and dedicated suppliers, we ensure a seamless inland move.


Terminal services

Increase efficiency and delivery precision by using our dedicated terminals, located in your key markets. Add flexibility to your supply chain when you choose transshipment options and move your products through a network of dedicated and bonded storage terminals.


Processing services

Enhance your outbound efficiency when integrating your supply chain with processing services close to home or in a far off market.

At your factory, in-plant logistics can improve transit time, reduce costs and allow you to focus on stable production schedules. These activities include end-of production-

line inspection, accessorisation, yard management and onward distribution.

In your markets, port processing services cut lead times and ensure customers receive their cars on time and in perfect condition. This service also includes pre-delivery inspection (PDI), vehicle preparation, receipt and dispatch at plant, ports, railheads and distribution centres.


Creating value at every point of transfer


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