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  • Opinion » Last Mile: converging on the future

    January 4th 2016 A new world order is emerging in the automotive sector. It began as a ‘quiet revolution’, but will change the industry forever. Technology – not chassis design, braking systems or tyres – has become pre-eminent in an industry where the big OEMs have traditionally held all the market power. Now all participants must focus on […]
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  • Opinion » Staying in the driver’s seat when it comes to supply chain

    December 15th 2015 When it comes to manufacturing’s next revolution – the much-discussed Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 – the automotive industry is firmly in the driving seat. A trailblazer across key manufacturing trends, the automotive industry is accelerating the move towards a world in which raw materials and machines communicate with each other within an Internet […]
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  • Opinion » The importance and growth of manufacturing logistics in the UK

    November 19th 2014 A wealth of opportunity is available to companies that think internationally, and businesses producing parts for the manufacturing industry should be looking to the corners of the world in search of contracts Gone are the days when complex products and all their components were made in one factory. These days, manufacturers source goods from all […]
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  • From The Industry » UPS study: what’s driving the automotive parts online shopper

    October 10th 2014 Sponsored article E-commerce is profoundly impacting the retail and distribution of automotive spare parts and accessories, with double-digit growth in the online segment in the US, compared to flat sales for brick-and-mortar dealerships and stores. While parts and accessory consumers are driven by some factors common to other retailers – including low prices, product availability […]
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