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  • Augmented reality

    Intelligence » Reality check

    April 15th 2019 From enhanced design and manufacturing processes to novel staff training and apprenticeship programmes, the use of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in industrial applications is growing. In the automotive logistics sector, a number of vehicle-makers and logistics service providers have been prompted to investigate the potential of technology such as glasses or goggles […]
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  • EV batteries

    Intelligence » Still got it

    April 15th 2019 With more power packs expected to be installed in electric vehicles (EVs) this year than in consumer electronics, according to Bloomberg NEF (BNEF), the issue of recycling and reusing their batteries is a major topic for the automotive industry.  BNEF predicts that sales of EVs will increase from a record of 1.1m worldwide in 2017 […]
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  • Home Page » Fighting for space

    April 12th 2019 Europe’s ports faced a real squeeze on space last year for a variety of reasons. But things are, at least, looking up in terms of investment in infrastructure and new technology European automotive ports could not find enough room in 2018, a situation made all the more difficult by the fact many of them were […]
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  • Packaging Ford

    Intelligence » Heading to the pool

    April 12th 2019 Ford has been transforming its approach to packaging over the last five years under the direction of its chief engineer for material flow and packaging engineering, Kuly Malka. Malka is responsible for all of the OEM’s packaging and container management in Europe and South Africa. He instigated Ford’s first global returnable packaging system and is […]
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  • Country focus: Turkey

    Intelligence » Trust in Turkey

    April 11th 2019 As the fortunes of the logistics industry rise and fall with the automotive sector it serves, Turkey looks on the face of it to be a gloomy place to do business right now. The country’s economic crisis and the resulting slide in the value of the Turkish lira are having a devastating effect on the […]
  • SMMT Connected 2019

    News » Government support vital to UK leading connected vehicles

    April 9th 2019 A new report published by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and industry analyst Frost & Sullivan has revealed that the UK is the top location worldwide for the development of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs). Government and industry have committed £500m to CAV research and development, a number of trials and projects […]
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  • Finished vehicle containerisation

    Intelligence » Thinking inside the box

    April 5th 2019 Cars have been shipped in containers ever since the modern shipping container was introduced commercially in the late 1950s, but it is only since dedicated racking systems were mass produced to improve loading that there has been a greater adoption of containers for volume shipments.  There are estimated to be 39m containers moving around the […]
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  • Regional focus: West African ports

    Intelligence » Docking defections

    April 5th 2019 Nigeria has lost its claim to being home to the busiest port in West Africa as a consequence of chronic traffic congestion, corruption and inefficiency. The crown has passed from Apapa, in the state of Lagos, to the port of Lomé, in Togo.  Data from Dynamar, a Dutch maritime intelligence and consulting firm, shows that […]
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  • From the industry

    Intelligence » The first port of call

    April 5th 2019 The new reality in the automotive marketplace is that bigger is better. Rising incomes and lower gas prices have consumers continuing to ditch smaller sedans for SUVs. In 2017, for the first time, SUVs and their lighter crossover cousins made up more than one in three cars sold globally, almost tripling their share from just […]
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  • From the industry

    Intelligence » In the service of free trade

    April 4th 2019 For decades, governments have used ‘free zones’ to encourage foreign direct investment and spur export activity. When designed well, these areas provide ‘plug-and-play’ office and warehouse facilities, labour access, as well as preferential regulatory conditions, including bonded, duty-free storage and income tax holidays. Many of the most successful examples, such as Jebel Ali Port in […]
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