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  • Home Page » Shift in powertrains drives strong growth in battery production

    July 25th 2017 Accelerating growth in electric and hybrid vehicle production is opening up a range of new supply chains across all areas of the automotive industry – not least in battery cell production. With vehicle manufacturers stepping up both the volume and range of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids they produce, battery makers are building new factories the […]
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  • Intelligence » Different digital paces

    July 18th 2017 The headline above might well have read ‘industry and logistics 4.0’, ‘the industrial internet of things’, ‘factories of the future’, ‘smart supply chains’ or ‘manufacturing 2025’. Or we might have turned to one of a growing number of acronyms used to outline the car industry’s future, like Mercedes-Benz Car’s CASE or PwC’s EASCY. There are […]
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  • Intelligence » Smart packaging: The quest for greater precision

    July 17th 2017 Packaging is one area in the automotive supply chain in which greater connectivity and ‘internet of things’ (IoT) devices have the potential to make significant improvements. Many of the chronic issues that accompany the management and flow of equipment, including missing or incorrect containers, damage to parts, as well as manual scanning and processing, could […]
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  • Intelligence » Project cargo: Achieving mission impossible

    July 14th 2017 Project cargo logistics is a term that covers a wide range of activities, from the movement of unusually large or heavy loads to the management of time-critical ones. In basic terms, it can be defined as the coordination, planning and management of particularly challenging logistics projects. In the automotive sector, examples might range from production […]
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  • Intelligence » Middle East and Africa: Ford opens up the highways

    July 14th 2017 An army marches on its stomach, Napoleon is reputed to have said, in perhaps one of history’s earliest endorsements of the wisdom of sound logistics infrastructure. These days, as those in the automotive industry know, good logistics in the marketplace is often the key to winning business and meeting the changing needs of customers. Increasingly, […]
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  • Intelligence » Suzuki gets its delivery priorities in order

    July 14th 2017 A prolonged period of strong sales growth in the UK means Suzuki now imports more than double the number of vehicles it did five years ago into the country. This expansion has put pressure on the company’s finished vehicle supply chain. It has also come at a time when customer expectations for delivery visibility and accuracy […]
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  • Intelligence » Indian regulations: A rainbow of solutions

    July 13th 2017 The Indian vehicle logistics market is in the midst of major change and disruption, much of it in the name of modernisation and improvement. New dimension and safety requirements for car carriers came into force in April, with carmakers and logistics providers scrambling to make their fleets compliant and secure new capacity. Meanwhile, this summer sees […]
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  • Intelligence » Russia summit: Dealing with the reality of a slow recovery

    July 11th 2017 Confidence is gradually returning to the Russian automotive market with sales and production showing definite signs of life after a tough period of retrenching and divestment. Sanctions remain but many at this year’s Automotive Logistics Russia conference in Moscow felt that this was the time to invest in the market again, while also looking for […]
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  • Intelligence » North American ports: Slowdown after growth tests capacity to cope

    July 5th 2017 While seven years of consecutive sales growth in the North American automotive industry have put vehicle handling ports to the test in terms of throughput, many of them are now being tested further by the slowdown in sales in the US, with inventory build-ups in some ports, and slower throughput. Meanwhile, others are dealing with […]
  • Intelligence » BMW Group: Thinking big about outbound

    July 3rd 2017 Alongside pictures of her family, Anita Pieper’s office is full of visual charts and signposts: value-stream maps, PDA circles for scheduling and a 3PS board outlining various projects and targets her teams are working on, from quality statistics to network studies or a plant launch years ahead. In the middle of the board is a […]
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