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  • Regional focus: Alabama

    Intelligence » Sweet home Alabama

    May 21st 2018 One of the most popular songs about the US state of Alabama, ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, opens with the line “Big wheels keep on turning” –  and indeed the number doing so is set to grow after the January announcement that a $1.6 billion Toyota-Mazda joint-venture manufacturing plant is scheduled to open in Huntsville in 2021.  […]
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  • Regional focus: Alabama

    Intelligence » MBUSI: In a state of contentment

    May 21st 2018 Why has Alabama become such a mecca for automotive manufacturing? I think there are a number of reasons. You have seen the automotive industry continue to push further south into areas where there is a good workforce available. You have infrastructure that is available. The supplier network has continued to migrate further south. You are […]
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  • Sponsored article

    Intelligence » From the industry: A global freight audit and payment solution

    May 17th 2018 Amidst the growing efforts of enterprises to expand, the logistics sector has been at the forefront of helping them attain a truly global status. But some hurdles remain, including the accurate and timely payment of freight invoices. Historically, firms have paid freight invoices as they were presented and performed a cursory check here and there or […]
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  • Start-ups and innovations

    Intelligence » About ready to drop

    May 17th 2018 DropCar’s mission is to “make driving fun again”, says Spencer Richardson, co-founder and CEO of the US-based start-up, which launched in New York City in 2015. The company decided to begin by offering an app-based service for car owners who live in urban areas where parking, car maintenance and even basic tasks such as fuelling […]
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  • 3PL services

    Intelligence » Gefco: Full of get up and go

    May 15th 2018 French transport and logistics provider Gefco started 2018 with an announcement in Paris that it was looking to cooperate more closely with its partners and customers. At the same time, the company said it was looking for international growth and new business as it continued to move beyond the traditional scope of its activities as […]
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  • Market trends

    Intelligence » Russia: Recovery still down the road

    May 14th 2018 Sales of finished vehicles in Russia rose 11.9% in 2017 over the previous year to reach 1.59m units, according to estimates in early January by the Association of European Businesses (AEB). Russia’s long-awaited recovery began in March and gained momentum throughout the year, peaking in December with monthly sales of 166,000 finished vehicles – up […]
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  • Industry trends

    Intelligence » Making sense from the noise for the future of logistics

    May 11th 2018 Convergence between the automotive and high-tech sectors isn’t a theory or prediction any more. Vehicles are as connected as smartphones, programmed with millions more lines of code than any computer, and increasingly powered by the same electric components and batteries – just on a much larger scale. Automotive executives and shareholders now fish in the […]
  • Tracking technology

    Intelligence » Real-time tracking: Is it Here yet?

    May 10th 2018 Real-time cargo tracking has always had its appeal. The problem has been finding a technology that could actually deliver on the aspiration. Take RFID, for instance. Initially seen by many as the way forward, the technology is still struggling to gain widespread traction, 20 years after first being mooted as the solution to the real-time […]
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  • Logistics in Mexico

    Intelligence » Audi México: Risk and reward

    May 3rd 2018 When Audi opened its assembly plant in Mexico in September 2016, it was a milestone achievement on a number of levels. It was the first factory the German carmaker had set up outside Europe and the first that it was exclusively managing overseas (the two factories in China are joint ventures with local partners). The […]
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  • Start-ups and innovations

    Intelligence » Being Pragmatic about tracking

    April 30th 2018 Assigning materials and components an individual identity that can be tracked easily and reliably from the goods-inward stage through production to delivery to the customer, and even throughout their lifespan, is a fundamental element of effective logistics. In a high-volume environment such as mainstream automotive manufacturing, this will mean that the goods themselves carry some […]
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