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  • Opinion » Digitalisation: for better or for worse, you can’t just ignore it

    July 24th 2017 Disruption or continuous improvement? That is the question over what digitalisation, autonomy and electrification will do to automotive logistics. Will new players swipe away older ones as though deleting undesirables on an app, or will technology improve efficiency and customer reach? The stock market drives the bleaker outlook for some. With Tesla the fourth largest […]
  • Opinion » Stronger than ever

    July 19th 2017 ECG president Wolfgang Göbel sees plenty of things to celebrate this year – even if political turmoil and gridlock are getting in the way Last issue, I wrote that 2017 was on track to be ECG’s busiest year yet. In this edition I am happy to say that continues to be the case in almost every […]
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  • Opinion » Air charter services for the automotive sector are flying high

    June 27th 2017 The use of airfreight to move automotive parts over expanding global supply networks is on the increase. A recent analysis of shipments across IAG Cargo’s global network shows that over the past year it has seen a 22% increase in shipments of automotive parts by air. Consignments made up one fifth of traffic moved by […]
  • Opinion » Keeping the heat on

    June 21st 2017 The summer of renegotiation is upon us. Officials and policy wonks in the UK and US have invited their counterparts out of the sun and into shaded rooms, red pens in hand, trade and multi-lateral agreements spread on the table. For their sake, we hope the rooms are all air-conditioned. Officials from London and Brussels […]
  • Opinion » How to make the most of the quiet times

    May 31st 2017 There is not much doubt that after five years of relatively solid growth in the Middle East, the automotive market has suffered over the past 18 months. This inevitably affects all aspects of the industry including traditional logistics, ultimately the key component in delivery and arguably the link which is most dependent on stability and […]
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  • Opinion » Making a success of collaboration

    May 18th 2017 The automotive industry is in the midst of massive change. From ride-sharing services, advances in mechanical innovation and autonomous vehicles, and shifts in fossil fuels and hybrid power, these disruptions are helping to fuel some amazing transformations. Winning in this environment requires the ability to collaborate, plan and execute with trading partners, and pull together […]
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  • Opinion » Three steps to ensuring supply chain success

    May 17th 2017 Making the supply chain a success is extremely important for everyone involved. To achieve this is usually complex and dependent on a number of factors. When you look at these factors in more detail, however, you can narrow them down to just three things: trust, time and transparency. Clearly, the first is a massive driver […]
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  • Opinion » Why supply chain digitisation can mean making the best of what you already have

    April 25th 2017 There is nowhere to turn in the vehicle logistics sector without encountering ‘digital transformation’, whether related to autonomous and connected vehicles, or optimising data. The EU transport commissioner, Violeta Bulc, recently told members of the Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG), that only companies who improved digital connections, whether in collecting data or in filing […]
  • Opinion » A back-to-the-future approach to connectivity

    April 10th 2017 Resolving the connectivity required in tomorrow’s logistics networks is a challenge. But there’s no need to look to future technology on this score, as a highly appropriate solution is already in our hands. The growth in driverless and autonomous transport has been one of the biggest technical innovations we’ve seen in recent years. According to […]
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  • Opinion » In these uncertain days, supply chain reaction times are critical

    April 5th 2017 Given current political and economic uncertainties, there may be many twists and turns in the track ahead… making it all the more important that supply chains can plan and react with real efficiency Strip the global outlook to pure numbers, and the story for the automotive industry is quite positive. China sales have been accelerating. The US and Europe, […]
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