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  • Government policy

    Uncategorized » Bordering on Brexit

    December 4th 2018 Brexit continues to cause some serious headaches for those involved in the UK’s automotive sector. With the publication of a draft withdrawal agreement on November 14, UK prime minister, Theresa May, affirmed her commitment to a continued customs territory. Whether that intent will be realised is as much in doubt as ever, however. Although the […]
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  • Uncategorized » Nafta Survey

    July 20th 2018 Signed 24 years ago, the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) was designed to remove barriers to business between the US, Mexico and Canada, creating the world’s largest free-trade area. Since then, the economies of its three members have been on an upward curve, US and Canadian consumers have benefitted from lower prices and Mexico […]
  • Spare parts

    Uncategorized » Syncron forum discusses predictive analytics’ role in aftersales

    October 16th 2017 Revenues from original automotive product sales have been shrinking for some time as customers keep assets longer but companies are embracing the latest technology to maintain a good aftersales service for the long-term financial viability of their businesses. Attendees at last week’s Aftersales Excellence Forum in London, UK, hosted by cloud-based aftermarket services provider Syncron, learned […]
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  • Service parts

    Uncategorized » KBRW providing aftermarket OMS support for PSA Group across Europe

    October 11th 2017 French carmaker PSA Group has chosen an order management system (OMS) provided by supply chain management expert KBRW to support aftermarket deliveries of out-of-stock parts to its Distrigo distribution hubs in Europe. Distrigo is PSA’s service parts brand, which was launched in Europe last year and the carmaker expects to have 130 spare parts distribution […]
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  • Trucking IPO

    Uncategorized » Bell rings for Schneider National after successful New York IPO

    April 7th 2017 Having successfully raised $550m in an initial public offering (IPO), shares in the North American third-party logistics provider, Schneider National, have now started trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). The Wisconsin-headquartered company, family-owned since it was founded by Al Schneider in 1935, was also given the opportunity to ring the opening bell, heralding […]
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  • Uncategorized » Survey highlights Silicon Valley risk to German logistics industry

    April 5th 2017 Almost two-thirds of German logistics specialists and executives believe the industry is investing too little in research and development, with more than half fearing they could lose market share to competitors from Silicon Valley. That’s the main finding of the 2017 Logistic Trend Index, compiled annually ahead of next month’s Transport Logistic exhibition in Munich. Robert […]
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  • Tencent Tesla

    Uncategorized » China’s Tencent buys stake in Tesla ahead of first Model 3 production

    March 29th 2017 Chinese online gaming and social network giant, Tencent, has acquired a 5% stake in US-based electric-car maker Tesla for almost $1.8 billion. Tesla is currently in the midst of a major investment in its manufacturing and supply chain as it prepares for its Model 3 launch and to ramp production capacity towards the 500,000 car-per-year […]
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  • Uncategorized » test google schema for events

    December 21st 2016 [GoogleSchema]
  • Uncategorized » Rolfo tweaks its Ego in latest update

    November 8th 2016 Rolfo has taken on board several suggestions from drivers who use its car carrying equipment in the latest update to its Ego 538 model for the UK market, launched recently at the Volvo Trucks UK headquarters in Warwick. The updated version also includes additional storage for straps, features to improved the loading process, to simplify […]
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  • Uncategorized » DB Schenker开设新的物流中心为福特欧洲提供支持

    November 7th 2016 DB Schenker投资2,500万欧元(约合2,760万美元)在德国科隆北部Merkenich开设17,000平方米的零部件分销中心。分销中心将负责管理欧洲福特工厂入站零部件,包括附近制造Feista和Fusion车型的工厂。 新的中心将替代之前的中心(用于支持福特公司),由地产开发商Goodman在Feldkassel工业园建立,并雇佣200人。该中心将装卸在800供应商的材料,每年接收5,000立方米的货物,并有这些货物出去。每年有近100辆入站卡车经停该中心的时控窗口,有90辆卡车出站。材料在中心里停留2至4小时,然后再运输。 该中心可以根据需要扩展到13,000平方米。  
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