Innovation leader

This award recognises the change-agents and companies who are not afraid to try something new, encourage others and make sure their organisation, customers and partners remain open to new ideas, systems, technology and partnerships.

Application criteria

The judging panel looked for evidence of innovation and improvement for each applicant’s company or clients, with a specific emphasis on driving change in an organisation or across the supply chain, whether in processes, technology, systems or ways of working. Potential candidates for this award could be from any organisation, including a manufacturer, logistics provider, consultancy or system provider, but had to demonstrate significant work in the automotive sector. Candidates could be nominated or enter directly themselves.


GEFCO – MyCarIsThere (MCIT) Car Transport Solution

Easy and reliable car transport in a few clicks… To respond to the fast changing market and new client needs, one enterprising GEFCO employee came up with the idea of creating a new transport service for single car units that consists of a digital solution for the B2B and B2C markets. Called MyCarIsThere (MCIT), it is based on a new business model. GEFCO offers several solutions for unit transport in the same ecosystem (including drivers, specialised trucks and traditional logistics companies), with very short lead times (24/48 hour) and simplified pricing. Thanks to the MCIT digital solution, customers can easily order transport via a single point of contact. The MCIT operation picks the car up from the owner and delivers it to their chosen address, whether office, house, workshop, dealership or elsewhere. All associated documentation is available in the application in real time. Clients benefit from time and cash savings, ease of use and reliability – all in just a few clicks.


What the judges said

The judges described this as “a real breakthrough in the transport business” and a great combination of business model, process innovation and new technology to solve new market demands. They praised its ease of use and the fact that the original idea came from a Gefco employee, which they said “promoted a very good management culture”.


Cloudleaf – Supply Chain Visibility Solutions

Cloudleaf aims to transform supply chain visibility and optimisation for enterprises by capturing real-time data from operations using a novel, patented approach that employs sensor, mobile, cloud and machine learning technologies.


Convertible Concepts Corp – Convertible Trailer Solutions

For more than 20 years, Bill Pawluk has been focused on the transport sector and specifically, the auto carrier industry. A visionary problem solver, Bill founded Convertible Trailer Manufacturing WW (CTMWW) and developed the equipment and methods necessary to solve a significant global problem for this industry. Over the years, CTMWW has branched out and created other companies that offer additional innovative solutions and support the convertible concept, including AutoBox Manufacturing Corp (ABMC), Convertible Logistics Corp (CLC) and Convertible Concepts Corp (CCC), which acts as the management company and leads the entire group. CCC intends to be the thought-leader in best practice methodologies in the automotive and general freight logistics verticals around the world by supporting, fostering and developing ideas that improve logistics efficiency. The idea of making assets versatile and multi-purpose will assist shippers around the world in supporting a more holistic approach to logistics, thereby reducing their carbon footprint. CCC welcomes all ideas and opportunities to work towards creating an environment and atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation within the transport and logistics industry.


Fracht SIA – Automotive Logistics Control System

Latvian finished vehicle services provider Fracht SIA rolled out its Automotive Logistics Control System (ALCS) in 2014 to aid the distribution of cars for VW Group brands, as well as GM and a number of commercial vehicle companies. Since it was introduced, more than 180,000 new and second-hand vehicles have been moved by Fracht and its Lithuanian subsidiary Fracht UAB using the software (with the split being 65% new and 35% used). About 265 transport companies are using ALCS on a regular basis although our network in total includes 1,289 transport companies and more than 5,000 auto transporters. The ALCS system is a kind of mix between ERP II and a professional social network, where users can share their data with specific partners. There is a combination of features from classic ERP II, with its strong business rules, complex data entry forms and restricted access to data and, on other hand, from modern web applications and social networks where users are able to share information with their partners in a simple and usable way. The system incorporates the best forms of practice over the last 10 years in automotive logistics.


Kia Motors Europe – Order to Delivery Innovation Project

Kia Motors Europe wanted to enhance efficiency and standardise processes in three key value-creation areas – order management, vehicle allocation and production planning. The objective was to create one KME order to delivery framework to fulfill sales orders and forecast a vehicle’s delivery time more accurately for dealers and customers as part of a ‘right car, right place, right time’ approach. It also wanted to build competitive advantage through a more efficient logistics structure. Its strategy was to standardise the order management process from dealer order intake to final delivery; change the vehicle allocation process based on sales order type; and set up a new production priority request process and system to drive manufacturing plants in scheduling production. The results have included cost savings from the simplified, more standardised processes; a  reduction in scheduling fluctuations from the more accurate production schedules; an increase in productivity through more efficient material planning; and sales maximisation as a result of enhanced vehicle availability and better stock control. The company has seen a sales increase of 23% in the last two years, from 385,000 units in 2015 to 473,000 units in 2017, as well as an improvement in customer satisfaction thanks to the reduced delivery times and more reliable information on order status – all of which has contributed to KME moving from 10th position in 2015 to 4th position in 2017 in the independent International Aftersales Customer Satisfaction Survey.


Panalpina – D^2 ID Inventory Optimisation Tool

Panalpina was looking for smart ways to meet customers’ requirements to optimise inventory levels in the supply chain and increase service levels, by means of introducing some major innovative operational improvements in their inventory system. An intelligent inventory planning and optimisation modelling tool called D^2 ID (Demand Driven Inventory Dispositoning) was developed to help Panalpina’s customers to classify their products, forecast their demands and optimise their inventory levels, subject to service level considerations. The project was formalised as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) between Cardiff University and Panalpina. As the next step of D^2 ID, Panalpina has now developed a solution that can identify the conditions under which products or spare parts can be made financially, environmentally and socially viable for 3D printing, instead of production and storage in the traditional way. The new 3D ‘printability’ index analysis has been designed for single-material components that are most likely to benefit from such a shift.


ProGlove – ProGlove MARK

ProGlove enhances the capabilities of its user by adding technology to a tool that is already used by the majority of workers – the glove. ProGlove has the potential to build the basis for widespread adoption of wearable technologies in the industrial market, due to its simplistic design and interface and its flexibility in terms of application.


Matthias Braun
Head of digitalisation and Concept Development, Volkswagen Group Logistics
Volkswagen Group

Frank Schlehuber
Director Aftermarket

Peter Weiss
Head of EMEA Supply Chain Management and Global Coordination
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

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