Tuesday 16th April, 2019

Automotive Logistics Global Shanghai welcome drinks reception at Pulse Lounge & Garden, Hilton Hongqiao

A great chance to get together with your fellow delegates in a relaxed atmosphere before the summit starts. Our drinks reception provides an excellent forum in which to exchange views and contact details with some of the finest minds in the Chinese automotive logistics sector. Brings lots of business cards…


Wednesday 17th April, 2019

Registration and welcome

Join us to collect your badge, enjoy a bite to eat and start the conversation with your fellow delegates.

SESSION 1: The global automotive logistics market with Chinese characteristics

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation in products, technology, regulations and consumer patterns, with the Chinese market both a prime example and a global influencer. Government officials, industry leaders and analysts share their forecasts and highlight the trends and regulatory insights that will impact on the supply chain and logistics sector.

Key topics being covered by speakers and panellists here include:
• Vehicle sales, production and trade forecasts for China and key partners
• Regulatory changes and central government planning
• Technology, mobility and e-commerce impacts on automotive supply chains
• The state of global automotive logistics and China’s role in it

This flagship conference session will see a number of high-profile industry influencers from government, associations and analysts share their vision of how China’s automotive sector is set to develop.

Welcome Speech:Bo Shiju President, Beijing Changjiu Logistics

Cai Jin, Vice President, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing
Xu Changming, Vice President State Information Centre
Xiao ZhengSan, General Secretary, China Automobile Dealers Association
Yu De, General Manager, SAIC Anji Logistics Co., Ltd.

Moderator: Louis Yiakoumi, Publisher, Automotive Logistics group

Networking and coffee

An excellent chance to discuss the opening session with your peers over light refreshments.

SESSION 2: Changes and challenges in global automotive trade and supply chains

Chinese brands are expanding their global presence while the Belt and Road initiative is forging new logistics links. But international trade disputes threaten further disruption to automotive supply chains. Logistics experts explore the outlook and solutions.

Among the areas being covered in this session are:
• The evolving ecosystem of global supply and technology for Chinese production and brands
• Automotive logistics influences and investment for the Belt and Road initiative
• Impacts, outlooks and strategies for dealing with the US-China trade dispute

Attend this session to develop a deeper understanding of how Chinese automotive logistics networks can continue to expand the country’s role on the international automotive scene and deal with current uncertainties over the nation’s global trading relationships.

Ryan Garrity, China Material Export Manager, Ford Motor Company
Andrew Hoad, CEO & Managing Director – Asia Pacific Region, DP World

Moderator: Wolfgang Lehmacher, Consultant

Networking and lunch

An extended networking lunch break giving delegates plenty of opportunity to rub shoulders with our unique gathering of vehicle-makers, tier suppliers, logistics service suppliers, sponsors and exhibitors.

SESSION 3: Electrifying China – a new supply chain for new-energy vehicles

Global manufacturers and Chinese brands are investing heavily in growing production of electric vehicles (EVs) and batteries for both domestic and export markets. Leading decision-makers discuss how EVs and other alternatively-powered vehicles will change the supply chain.

The issues being debated in this part of the conference include:
• Market forecasts for EVs and alternative powertrains in China
• China’s global role in the value chain for new-energy vehicles
• The impacts on logistics, including in sourcing, packaging, infrastructure and reverse logistics

This session will clarify how Chinese automotive logistics networks will have to adapt in order to meet growing domestic and international demand for a new breed of vehicles.

Marco Wang, Senior Logistics Director, NIO
Jason Zhu, Director Global Logistics, CATL
Achim Glass, Head of Global Automotive Vertical, SVP, Kuehne+Nagel
Coco Zhu, Key Account Manager, GEFCO
Kamil Mezynski, Group Sales Director - Global Accounts, GEFCO
Christoph Seitz, Co-Owner / CEO, CFR Rinkens LLC

Moderator: Louis Yiakoumi, Publisher, Automotive Logistics group

Networking and coffee

Your chance to discuss the key issues of the day so far with fellow delegates over light refreshments.

SESSION 4: Chinese automotive logistics in the 2020s

The next decade promises even more challenges and opportunities in logistics, not least in terms of artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and greater connectivity, as well as new markets across China and its trading partners. Automotive and logistics executives debate the operational requirements, investments and partnerships needed for success in tomorrow’s world.

Key areas to be discussed in this session include:
• How logistics services, products and equipment must adapt to the future
• The technology opportunities – from AI to augmented reality to 3D printing
• Frameworks for new collaborations between manufacturers, suppliers, providers and start-ups

Concluding the first day’s formal presentations, this session will focus on the steps Chinese automotive logistics players must take to survive and thrive in tomorrow’s more challenging trading environment.

Joerg Storm, CIO & Director IT Service & Parts, Daimler Greater China
Balakrishnan Adhi, Deputy Director, MP&L, Changan Ford Automobile Co. Ltd
Stephan Bietz, Vice President Logistics Services, Asia Pacific, Bosch (China) Investment Ltd

Moderator: Christopher Ludwig, Content Director, Automotive Logistics group

Automotive Logistics Global Shanghai gala dinner - House of Roosevelt, Shanghai

Dine in style as you compare notes on the first day of the conference with all the top people on the Chinese automotive logistics scene…

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Thursday 18th April, 2019

Registration and welcome

Another chance for an early conversation with fellow delegates over a bite to eat before the second day begins.

09:00 - 17:30
Automotive Logistics Global-Shanghai 2019 Day 2


09:00 - 15:15
China Automotive Import and Export Logistics International Conference


Hosted by:
Song Xiahong, Standing Vice General Secretary, China Automotive Logistics Association of CFLP

SESSION 5a: Logistics’ human touch


AI and automation may be changing the supply chain, but high performance still relies on the people who deliver, handle, track, design and drive automotive logistics. This first session on day two will discuss how manufacturers and logistics companies in China can find, train and retain the talent they need and thereby shape their organisations for future success.

A wide range of issues to be covered by speakers and panellists here includes:
• The hard and soft skills that are redefining Chinese and global logistics
• Strategies for addressing talent shortages and requirements, from warehouse operators to data scientists
• Industry partnerships with universities and training academies

Join this part of the conference to find out how China can secure the skills it needs to continue growing in strength and influence on the global automotive stage.

Mark Zhuo, Logistics Manager, Federal Mogul Motorparts
Cao Yue, Manager, Changan Mazda Automobile

Moderator: Christopher Ludwig, Content Director, Automotive Logistics group

Session 5b: China Automotive Import and Export Logistics International Conference


Wu Songquan, Chief Expert, China Automotive Technology and Research Centre
Peng Fei, Deputy Director, Shanghai Customs Tariff Department
Richard Wang, Vice-Director, Sinomach Automobile

Networking and coffee

Chew over the issues discussed in today’s opening session with your colleagues as you enjoy some light refreshments.

SESSION 6a: Ideas Labs


The Automotive Logistics Ideas Labs are a series of practical, interactive discussion groups designed to stimulate ideas and solutions. Held in individual breakout rooms and led by industry practitioners, these sessions allow for more collaborative and lateral thinking.

Chaired by industry insiders, these open discussions will cover a wide range of topics. Don’t miss this opportunity to pick the brains of leading thinkers in this field and share your own valuable insights about a variety of topics in these vibrant, round-table exchanges…

Ideas Lab 1: The impact of electric vehicles
As vehicle electrification continues worldwide, this Ideas Lab will consider its implementation in the market, including its implications in terms of supply and demand, production patterns, the aftermarket and battery recycling.

Sharon Gray, Global Director, Automotive Key Accounts, CHEP Automotive and Industrial Solutions

Ideas Lab 2: Service parts and aftermarket
Meeting the geographic and lead time requirements of aftermarket customers is a huge challenge across China. This Ideas Lab offers insights into the transport, inventory and digital strategies that can help.

Allan Boyd, Head of Business Development Asia Pacific, Unipart

Session 6b: China Automotive Import and Export Logistics International Conference


Leo Ye, Assistant President, Saic Anji Logistics Co., Ltd & General Manager, Anji Global Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
Wang Hao, Deputy Manager of China-Europe Container Block Trains Department, China Railway International Multimodal Transport Co., Ltd.
Yang Wenjie, Vice President, Beijing Changjiu Logistics Co., Ltd.

Networking and lunch

Our second extended networking lunch gives delegates another great chance to circulate and connect with all the vehicle-makers, tier suppliers, logistics service providers, infrastructure operators, sponsors and exhibitors at the event.

SESSION 7a: China’s supply chain dream – open to opportunities


As China’s customers redefine expectations around mobility, technology and sustainability, supply chain leaders must adapt to match their product and service requirements. Top executives share and debate their visions of the future and outline what they need from their partners to succeed.

The topics covered in this final session include:
• What top logistics executives expect from their suppliers and providers
• How requirements for logistics will evolve
• The best strategies for thriving in a new economic era

Bringing the conference to a conclusion, this final session will reveal where China’s leading automotive executives see the industry going – and what the logistics sector must do to keep up.

Ji Kong, Parts Supply and Logistics Director, Volvo Car Distribution (Shanghai) Co. Ltd
Balakrishnan Adhi, Deputy Director, MP&L, Changan Ford Automobile Co. Ltd
David Zhang, President, CDC International

Moderator: Louis Yiakoumi, Publisher, Automotive Logistics group

SESSION 7b: China Automotive Import and Export Logistics International Conference


Moderator: Ma Zengrong , Executive Vice-President China Automotive Logistics Association of CFLP

Networking and coffee

A final opportunity to connect with your peers and exchange contact details over light refreshments.

SESSION 8: Matched meetings – ‘If you are the one who can help me grow, let’s connect!’

Automotive Logistics Global conferences bring together leaders and innovators from all corners of the industry. But with so much change and so many new services evolving all the time, you might need a little help building your guanxi.

This part of the conference will facilitate new connections via a series of short meetings to help you find the right global supply chain tech, talent and partners at OEMs, parts suppliers, logistics providers and IT specialists.

Don’t miss out on this excellent opportunity to grow your personal network and develop new partnerships.

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