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North America’s finished vehicle logistics sector needs to explore fresh ideas and fresh thinking to better serve a fast-changing world

Gerald Lee, VP Vehicle Planning & Logistics at Subaru (right) and Glenn Clift, Chief Executive at GLOVIS America (left) participating in our crossfire Q&A session

North America’s finished vehicle logistics industry is facing some serious headwinds. Movements of cars within and between the US, Canada and Mexico continues to be hampered by infrastructure problems on road and rail networks, as well as persistent port congestion. Wild weather has been wreaking widespread havoc on communities and distribution plans. Communication between different parts of the supply chain remains patchy, leaving many customers in the dark about delivery times. And with ongoing renegotiation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) threatening to turn current vehicle manufacturing and distribution flows across the region on their head, there could be some substantial structural upheaval on the way, too.


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On top of all this, the nature of vehicles themselves is changing, with the advent of electric, autonomous and connected cars, in particular, raising further questions about the exact size, shape and nature of tomorrow’s finished vehicle logistics operations.

What’s clear is that traditional vehicle distribution models will have to change and that the sector must take a fresh look at the way it connects, communicates and collaborates in order to enhance efficiency, make the most of current capacity and keep costs within reason.

And nowhere is this more true than in terms of supply chain digitalisation and the use of technology. As Mark Boucher, director of vehicle logistics at Volkswagen Group of America, said recently: “I would say that those of us that are out on the front of that technology and that connected relationship are going to be the ones that stick around.”

That’s why fresh ideas and fresh thinking about the way the finished vehicle logistics sector currently connects, communicates and collaborates will be the main focus at this year’s Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conference. Taking place in March, this unmissable event will see OEMs, service providers, infrastructure operators and technology solutions suppliers all come together to find the best ways forward.



About the conference

Now in its 9th great year, Finished Vehicle Logistics North America is a well-established meeting-place that attracts all the leading lights in the North American vehicle logistics sector.

“The content is very worthwhile and valuable, and there are

Pasea Hotel, Huntington Beach – the stunning new venue for this year’s conference

excellent networking opportunities,” said Dana Wylie, Manager Vehicle Logistics – Information Systems at Toyota, after last year’s event. “Good networking and the breakout sessions are excellent,” agreed Bill Jakubsen, Global Manager Ro-Ro Bulk and General Cargo at Georgia Ports Authority. “If you work in finished vehicle logistics, you have to attend,” added Daniel Gosson, consultant at INFORM.

This year’s two-day conference, being held on March 13th-15th in a new venue at the Pasea Hotel in Huntington Beach, California, will provide a unique opportunity to combine business with relaxation.

The benefits of attending the conference include:

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  • Networking lunch and coffee breaks
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