Programmed for success

This year’s Finished Vehicle Logistics North America conference will look at the main developments that have reshaped this industry over the last ten years and look ahead to what is likely to happen in the next ten – with a particular focus on where the industry will find itself in 2029 and how those involved in this important sector need to prepare for it now.

The formal sessions at the event will cover a wide range of issues, including the future of traditional vehicle dealerships, where North America’s rail freight system is likely to end up in ten years’ time, and whether the vehicle logistics sector’s problems with road, rail and port capacity issues will have been resolved – or simply got worse.

A full agenda will be published shortly, but  please see below among the many hot topics to be covered at this year’s event and click here to see last year’s programme.





The future of tracking

Trade relations (including the USMCA)

Port operations

Rail capacity

Road transport

Driver shortages

Rules and regulations

Vehicle platooning

Conference calendar