The Automotive Logistics Global conference will bring together a host of vehicle-makes, parts suppliers, service providers, infrastructure operators and technology solutions suppliers to can transform their supply chains by concentrating on the human factor.

Making the most of new technologies, industry 4.0 and automation depends heavily on having the right people in place to apply the vision, drive things forward and transform your supply chain.

Much of the emphasis in the auto sector may be on manufacturing automation, machine learning, cloud computing and driverless vehicles. But it is the people in any business that determine how well such technologies are adopted, how far their reach extends, how much of an advantage can really be squeezed out of them and whether they ultimately succeed or fail. Therefore the central focus of the conference agenda will be how the industry can transform future supply chains through people.

The full agenda including timings and content of individual sessions will be published here soon.  In the meantime click here to see last year’s programme.



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