Despite vehicle sales forecasts being on something of a plateau right now, there is still great potential in North America’s vibrant automotive industry for new technology to boost the sector’s efficiency and productivity – and with that its profitability and growth.

Making the most of all that industry 4.0 has to offer, however, depends heavily on having the right people in place to apply the vision, drive things forward and transform your supply chain.

Finding, inspiring, training and retaining the right people to make it all happen is probably the biggest single challenge facing automotive logistics organisations today, in light of the major opportunities and widespread disruption such technology is poised to bring to the sector.

Taking place on September 18th-20th in Detroit, this year’s Automotive Logistics Global conference will examine just how vehicle manufacturers, tier suppliers, logistics service providers and infrastructure operators can transform their supply chains by concentrating on the human factor, therefore.


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COMPLIMENTARY PLACES available for vehicle-makers and tier suppliers (subject to approval).


Latest confirmed speakers:



Albert Zapanta
President and CEO
United States – Mexico Chamber of Commerce

Raman Mehta
Vice-President and Chief Information Officer

Wendi Gentry-Stuenkel
Head of Supply Chain Management
FCA – North America




Attend this unmissable event to:

  • Develop a clear understanding of the new technologies set to transform the North American automotive logistics sector
  • Work out how to inspire your current staff and hire the right team for the future
  • Learn why you must put people in the driving seat when it comes to new technology
  • Meet, greet and develop your relationships with all the leading players on the North American automotive logistics scene
  • Be a part of the debate that will determine the shape of tomorrow’s industry


Automotive Logistics Global Automotive Logistics Global  Automotive Logistics Global  Automotive Logistics Global

Specific areas to be covered:



Industry 4.0

Supply chain digitalisation

Automated handling

Software and cloud computing

The Internet of Things

Data analytics

Training and inspiring staff

The human factor in supply chains


What previous delegates say:



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