Tuesday 7th August, 2018

18:00 - 21:00
Welcome drinks reception hosted by WWL

A great chance for you to get together with fellow delegates in a relaxed atmosphere before the conference starts. Our welcome reception provides an excellent forum in which to exchange views and contact details with some of the finest minds in the North American finished vehicle logistics sector... bring lots of business cards!

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Wednesday 8th August, 2018

08:00 - 09:00
Coffee and registration

Join us to collect your badge, enjoy a bite to eat and start the conversation with your fellow delegates.

09:00 - 10:15
SESSION 1: Gateways to the future

In today’s ever-evolving climate of innovation, the automotive industry is on a transformative journey that will see the emergence of an array of new entrants, business models and technologies. The finished vehicle logistics import-export sector is a central part of this, as it undergoes transformation across its infrastructure, processes and technology in a drive to put smarter international gateways in place.

Find out in this opening session:

• How the automotive industry is evolving
• Where the vehicle import-export market is heading
• What impact future policy changes will have on trade and industry
• What’s on the horizon for the maritime industry

Delegates will develop a clear understanding in this summit-opener of the evolving finished vehicle logistics climate, from the main ways in which infrastructure and import-export services are changing to what’s just over the horizon.

10:15 - 11:00
Networking and coffee

An excellent chance to discuss the opening session with your peers over light refreshments.

11:00 - 12:15
SESSION 2: Upgrading to a connected environment

Ports across North America face the dual challenge of modernizing their terminals and connecting infrastructure to meet immediate needs, while also engaging in long-term planning to become the smarter gateways of the future. Upgrading in this connected environment to keep the metal moving across the network will require an infusion of new technology and systems, as well as process and infrastructure upgrades.

This session will consider:

• The network infrastructure upgrades required to meet current and future demand
• How disruptive technologies will drive change
• Which technologies will prove the most important and how best to apply them
• The innovative business models that will steer change

With input from OEMs, port and terminal operators, technology providers and shipping lines, this session will explore the many ways in which the industry is upgrading to a connected environment.

12:15 - 14:00
Networking and lunch

An extended networking lunch break giving delegates ample opportunity to rub shoulders with our unique gathering of vehicle-makers, logistics service suppliers, infrastructure operators, sponsors and exhibitors.

14:00 - 15:15
SESSION 3: Ideas Labs

The Finished Vehicle Logistics Ideas Labs are practical, interactive discussion groups designed to stimulate fresh thinking and innovative solutions. Held in breakout rooms and led by industry practitioners, these sessions allow for more collaborative and lateral thinking and provide an invaluable opportunity to talk directly with your peers about the issues that matter most to you.

Our Ideas Labs will cover a range of topics, including:

• Evolving port ecosystems
• Keeping rail on track
• The trucking environment
• Keeping the metal moving
• Available technology upgrades
• Velocity, speed and throughput
• Managing quality and damage

Don’t miss this opportunity to pick the brains of leading thinkers in this field and share your own valuable insights about a variety of topics in these vibrant, interactive exchanges.

15:15 - 16:00
Networking and coffee

Your chance to discuss the key issues of the day so far with fellow delegates over light refreshments.

16:00 - 17:30
SESSION 4: Question time – Keeping on track

A Q&A panel session will discuss the evolving ecosystem of North America’s import-export logistics and the strategies required to keep on track with the demands of today’s and tomorrow’s finished vehicle supply chains.

Don’t miss this invaluable final opportunity to listen in as some of the industry’s most senior logistics professionals draw up their action plan for the future!

17:00 - 21:00
Post-event drinks and Surf ’n’ Turf BBQ

Relax, unwind and chew over the key points of the day’s discussions with everyone who is anyone in the North American vehicle import-export sector, as you feast in style at our fabulous Surf ’n’ Turf BBQ, being held at Tir Na Nog immediately after the final session of the day.

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