Gearing up now for the GIANT leap forward

Transforming automotive logistics through smart collaboration and innovation 

Amlan Bose, Ford’s vice-president of inbound logistics, exports and customs operations for Asia Pacific

India’s new Goods and Services Tax (GST) looks set to shake up automotive logistics in the country. Replacing the nation’s traditionally fragmented tax structure, the new centralised tax regime should make it easier for parts suppliers and vehicle manufacturers to move freight across internal state borders and ensure uniform prices for goods right across the country.

This will bring substantial change to supply chains, as parts and vehicles can now be stored anywhere and distributed across state lines without duties or levies. Not only will it allow for more frequent order fulfilment and greater supply chain agility, it is also expected to reduce pressure on current storage yards and encourage the use of rail and waterborne transport, as supply chains increasingly consolidate vehicles for onward distribution over longer distances.

Rajiv Bajaj, CEO and managing partner at Nomura Research Institute

Combined with growing domestic vehicle demand and ever more sophisticated customer expectations, it seems the scene is truly set for a giant leap forward in automotive logistics in India.

As PR Ramakrishnan, former head of supply chain management at Honda Cars India, noted shortly before his recent retirement: “The change from VAT to GST will make a big difference. It will revolutionise distribution strategy. We need to decide what sort of supply chain we would like to see under GST.”

Working out how Indian supply chains need to be restructured in light of all this and how to collaborate and innovate to achieve the necessary transformation will be at the heart of the debate at this year’s Automotive Logistics India summit, where OEMs, service providers, infrastructure operators and technology solutions suppliers will all come together to find the best ways forward.

About the conference

Now in its 11th year, Automotive Logistics India is a well-established event that attracts all the leading lights in the Indian automotive logistics sector.

“Great conference for automotive logistics professionals – don’t miss it,” was how Praveen Kumar V, Senior Engineer at Ford, put it at last year’s event. “This is a must-attend. Excellent knowledge and idea-sharing platform,” agreed Gourav Mohapaatra, Head of Sales Distribution and Logistics at Ashok Leyland. “An excellent platform to connect, discuss and collaborate with industry experts.  Great event!” commented Arul Thiyaga Rajan B, Divisional Manager – Auto Projects at Tata Motors. “Nice opportunity for networking and delivering new ideas,” added Nidhish Kuchhal, General Manager – Outbound Logistics at Mahindra & Mahindra.

This year’s one-day summit will be held at the Leela Palace in Chennai and will provide a unique opportunity to combine business with relaxation.


The Leela Palace Hotel, where the Summit will be held this year

The single, all-inclusive delegate fee includes:

  • access to all conference presentations and Q&A sessions
  • networking lunch and coffee breaks
  • a seat at the fabulous Automotive Logistics India gala dinner
  • copies of speaker presentations to download after the event.


Register here to join your peers, suppliers and competitors for a day that will help your automotive logistics operations in India gear up for the many challenges and opportunities ahead.

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