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Automotive Logistics MexicoAs Mexico welcomes in a new government, prepares to begin its new trading relationship with its Nafta neighbours, and squares up to the rapid advances taking place worldwide in vehicle development, manufacturing methods and information technology, the country’s automotive sector faces both risk and opportunity in roughly equal measure.

Taking place on 29-31 January in Mexico City, this year’s Automotive Logistics Mexico conference will examine just how vehicle manufacturers, tier suppliers, logistics service providers and infrastructure operators can stay competitive in these times of change and successfully manage the risks and opportunities ahead.





Latest confirmed speakers:

Laura Pérez Grovas
Director of Supply Chain
José Cuervo

Carlos Lazzeri
Logistics Group Manager
Bocar Group

Luis Alfredo Garcia Rivera
Assistant Secretary
Ministry of Foreign Affairs


This important automotive industry event will be based upon four key pillars:


Staying competitive and making the most of the tomorrow’s trading environment in Mexico will depend on having the right calibre of staff. Finding and retaining the best people, skills and expertise and keeping those people motivated will be fundamental to success in Mexico’s automotive logistics sector, as the market evolves.

Trade policy

Mexico’s position as one of the world’s fastest-growing vehicle manufacturing hubs is inextricably linked with its ability to interact smoothly with other global automotive markets and maintain efficient, competitive and seamless import and export flows – especially with its Nafta partners in the US and Canada.

Transport capacity

Developing reliable road networks, smooth rail freight systems and efficient port operations – all providing the right capacity, the right visibility and the right multimodal interconnectivity to support the needs of tomorrow’s world-class automotive supply chain networks – is one of the key challenges ahead for the development of Mexico’s vehicle sector.


Longstanding problems with vandalism and cargo security have blighted Mexico’s otherwise enviable record as an attractive location for the manufacture and distribution of parts and vehicles. Finding new ways to protect key trading routes and ensure greater security for valuable automotive consignments will be vital to the industry’s future there.


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