Programmed for practicality

This year’s Supply Chain Conference will centre around a series of workshops and Ideas Labs with a number of more formal conference presentations in between. This will build on the value and benefits of a traditional event with a variety of breakout sessions designed to help delegates find practical business solutions to a wide range of supply chain issues.

In addition to covering all the core supply chain issues, this event will also provide a strong focus on the use of technological advances , with a series of parallel sessions looking specifically at  the role of digital transformations and future automotive supply chains.


The Supply Chain Conference will bring together a host of vehicle OEMs, service providers, infrastructure operators and technology solutions suppliers to explore the way such technologies are transforming North America’s inbound and aftermarket logistics networks.

A full agenda will be published shortly, but among the hot topics that will be covered at this year’s event are:




Artificial intelligence

Order and demand management

Sales & operations planning

Inventory management

Enterprise IT systems

Supply chain planning

Reverse logistics

Cloud computing

Augmented/virtual reality

Data analytics

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