Tuesday 19th March, 2019

Welcome drinks reception at The Library, Grand Hyatt Buckhead

A great chance for you to get together with fellow delegates in a relaxed atmosphere before the conference starts. Our welcome reception provides an excellent forum in which to exchange views and contact details with some of the finest minds in the North American automotive supply chain sector... bring lots of business cards!


Wednesday 20th March, 2019


Join us to collect your badge, enjoy a bite to eat and start the conversation with your fellow delegates.

SESSION 1: Supply chain innovation and transformation

As the automotive industry adapts to new technology, companies are adapting their business models, value chains and organisations to stay agile and competitive. Industry leaders and experts provide insights into their organisation’s journey so far, and outline practical steps for the future

Keynote address: Raman Mehta, Chief Information Officer, Visteon
Leading a highly compressed and ambitious transformation programme, including standardising manufacturing and logistics systems, moving major enterprise systems into the cloud, and rolling out real-time information and data sharing, Raman Mehta discusses game-changing lessons in digitalising the supply chain

Topics covered by all speakers and panellists will include:

  • How industry 4.0 and digital supply chain technology are changing automotive organisations and their supply chains
  • Trade and regulatory influences today and tomorrow
  • Skills and recruitment challenges for the future
  • Autonomous, shared, electrified: what they mean for the supply chain

Sven Dharmani, Global Automotive Sector Supply Chain Leader , Ernst & Young
Todd Skiles, SVP Sales, Global Supply Chain Solutions & Dedicated Transportation, Ryder

Moderator: Louis Yiakoumi, Publisher, Automotive Logistics

Networking and coffee

An excellent chance to discuss the opening session with your peers over light refreshments.

SESSION 2: Strategic logistic operations – optimising performance and cost

Balancing the implementation of forward-thinking strategies with daily operational supply chain demands is key when considering new solutions, whether they are IT or process led. This panel discusses best practices in managing today’s complex automotive supply chain and distribution, from parts tracking and packaging, to warehousing, logistics engineering and planning

Topics covered by speakers and panellists will include:

  • Integrating functions and enterprises for holistic supply chain management
  • Benchmarking best practices across logistics modes and operations
  • From high tech to no tech: automation vs manual process strategy for logistics
  • Moving towards real-time data tracking and analysis in the supply chain
    • George Grahovac, Senior Manager, NA International Operations Office, Honda of America
      Keith Bardo, Manager, Operations - Atlanta Parts Distribution Center, Porsche Logistics Services, LLC
      Anu Ratnam, Systems Integration, Innovation, & Analytics Manager, Toyota Motor North America
      Matt Pohlman, Head of Global Logistics, Integrated Supply Chain, WABCO

      Moderator: Louis Yiakoumi, Publisher, Automotive Logistics

Networking and lunch

An extended networking lunch break giving delegates ample opportunity to rub shoulders with our unique gathering of vehicle-makers, tier suppliers, logistics service providers, infrastructure operators, sponsors and exhibitors.

SESSION 3a: Nissan’s digital customer and service experience transformation

Nissan is using new technology throughout its dealerships and service centres to enhance customer experiences, from mobile and tablet-based sales and delivery, connected sales and inventory data, to digital aftersales and service scheduling and operations. The carmaker’s customer-facing IT leader, together with its customer service and aftersales teams, will provide exclusive insight into the systems, tools and innovations for Nissan and Infiniti customers, while discussing their benefits, challenges and impacts across the supply chain

Topics covered by speakers and panellists will include:

  • IT and IS requirements and innovations for dealer and customer-facing service and delivery
  • New tools for digital sales and e-commerce – tablet, mobile, AR/VR, app-based service
  • Impacts for the new vehicle and aftermarket supply chain
  • Impacts for Nissan dealer and customer-based service, delivery and technology partners
    • Nagireddy Kudithini, Senior Manager, Marketing & Sales – Digital Delivery, Nissan Digital, Nissan North America
      Victor Hess, Senior Manager, Global Client Experience Innovation, Infiniti Americas
      Rick Levitin, Senior Manager, Customer Experience & Technology, Nissan North America

      Moderator: Neemish Ladwa, Publisher, Automotive IT International

      SESSION 3b: Ideas Labs

      Ideas Labs are practical, solutions-orientated workshops led by supply chain and technology leaders and designed for collective exploration of complex challenges. Expect to leave with new ideas, action plans and new contacts

      Ideas Lab 1: How multi-party networks can boost supply chain visibility and control

      As complexity across the supply chain increases, manufacturers must continue to meet global demand and high service levels while keeping transportation, production, technology, and inventory costs low.

      The digital age offers new opportunities for OEMs, suppliers and service providers to leverage a multi-party network approach to solve today’s challenges.

      One Network will facilitate a discussion exploring the new possibilities:

      ● What are multi-party networks, and how can they address key issues such as:
              o Controlling transportation costs and handling disruptions
              o Securing supplier capacity
              o Managing demand variability and inventory levels
              o Data latency and business agility resulting from too many applications
      ● The role of AI in automating the automotive supply chain
      ● Achieving a true real-time, end-to-end operating network in the real world
      ● Control Tower Technology – From Basic to Advanced

      Clay Frisby, Regional VP Auto-Industrial Business, One Network

      Hosted by:

      Ideas Lab 2: The impact of electric vehicles
      As vehicle electrification continues worldwide, this Ideas Lab will consider its implementation in the market, including its implications in terms of supply and demand, production patterns, the aftermarket and battery recycling.

      Sharon Gray, Global Director, Automotive Key Accounts, CHEP Automotive and Industrial Solutions

Networking and coffee

Your chance to discuss the key issues of the day so far with fellow delegates over light refreshments.

SESSION 4: The connected supply chain

Manufacturers and logistics experts are increasingly using technology to connect supply chain processes, from R&D through transport, production and distribution. As these opportunities become reality, the industry needs to understand their risks as well as rewards, from cybersecurity to investment to new skill requirements. This session explores the practical considerations needed today to optimise the supply chain of the future

Topics covered by speakers and panellists will include:

  • Cybersecurity across the enterprise and supply chain
  • Game-changer potential: AI, machine learning, blockchain
  • How real-time data analytics can optimise supply chain and production performance
  • How new technology and processes can be integrated into existing frameworks and legacy systems

Klint Walker, Cybersecurity Advisor, US Department of Homeland Security
Chet Harter, Vice-President, Digital Business Systems, Automotive & Industrial Machinery, SAP
Tom Roberts, Business Development VP, QAD

Moderator: Neemish Ladwa, Publisher, Automotive IT International

The Supply Chain Conference Gala Dinner at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Dine in style as you compare notes on the first day of the conference with all the top people on the North American automotive supply chain scene.

Hosted by:

Thursday 21st March, 2019


Another chance for an early conversation with fellow delegates over a bite to eat before the second day begins.

SESSION 5: Future proofing the supply chain – new processes, new partnerships

Manufacturers today are investing to ensure they have the right systems, standards, skills and partners to offer new products more quickly, as well as to develop new digital services. Speakers in this session discuss strategies at an enterprise and supplier level to become more flexible, agile and proactive, including working with and investing in startups, technology and traditional firms to stay competitive

Keynote address: Rene Deist, Chief Information Officer, Faurecia

A leading player in Faurecia’s digital transformation, Rene Deist talks about inspiring organisational and industry change, and what it means to add software capabilities alongside industrial efficiency, including building AI capabilities in plants and logistics, capturing and analysing customer data, and offering digital services

Keynote address: Jeetendra Kumar, Director IT – Enterprise Application Services, AGCO

Building IT centres of excellence, to promoting digital manufacturing tools and technology, Jeetendra Kumar outlines agricultural equipment giant AGCO's strategic framework for creating a more agile, digital enterprise, supply chain and smart factory

Topics covered by speakers and panelists will include:

  • Digital standards for optimising a digital supply chains
  • Motivating and partnering with suppliers, providers and start-ups
  • Equipment for today and tomorrow: mobile robots, AGVs, augmented reality and drones
  • The best ways of developing ‘outside in’ innovation for the supply chain

Jeetendra Kumar, Director IT – Enterprise Application Services, AGCO
Jen Oshima, Product Manager, Lab1886
Jay Arcement, Senior Venture Architect, Lab1886

Moderator: Neemish Ladwa, Publisher, Automotive IT International

Networking and coffee

Chew over today’s opening session with your colleagues as you enjoy some light refreshments.

SESSION 6: Ideas Labs

Ideas Labs are practical, solutions-orientated workshops led by supply chain and technology leaders and designed for collective exploration of complex challenges. Expect to leave with new ideas, action plans and new contacts

Ideas Lab 1: Sustainable supply chains

Regulatory and customer requirements will continue to require more focus on sustainable transport, sourcing and equipment, from production to end-of-life processes.

Richard Logan, Event and Content Producer, Automotive Logistics

Ideas Lab 2: Big data and analytics

How supply chain analytics is driving improvements and operational effectiveness by enabling data-driven decisions at strategic, operational and tactical levels.

Neemish Ladwa, Publisher, Automotive IT International

Networking and lunch

Our second extended networking lunch gives delegates another great chance to circulate and connect with all the vehicle-makers, tier suppliers, logistics service providers, infrastructure operators, sponsors and exhibitors at the event.

SESSION 7: The future is now: managing electric vehicle supply chains

OEMs are investing billions of dollars to develop, produce and distribute electric and alternative-powered vehicles, and they need the supply chain to be ready. This session brings together experts and decision makers to help understand the technology, regulatory and process requirements specific to logistics, from battery handling to infrastructure and architectures, including amongst established and startup carmakers.

Topics covered by speakers and panelists will include:

  • Identifying the logistics characteristics for alternative-powered and battery supply chains and how these differ to traditional vehicles
  • What are the expectations and requirements for logistics and IT service providers
  • Insights into building entirely new supply chains, including for startup and greenfield operations versus legacy manufacturing
  • Opportunities and challenges to keep new supply chains competitive

Amy Paulsen, Director Logistics, Rivian
Govin Ranganathan, Head of Logistics, NIO USA
Nick Bailey, Head of Research, Transport Intelligence

Moderator: Louis Yiakoumi, Publisher, Automotive Logistics


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