Inbound production and service parts supply chains are undergoing rapid change. Supply chain managers are looking for fresh ways to wring the greatest efficiencies out of traditional areas such as warehousing, transport, materials handling and packaging, while new technology continues to provide ever more exciting possibilities in terms of areas like inventory management, automation and supply chain visibility.

IT and digitalisation, in particular, are driving things forward at a rapid rate. Autonomous and connected vehicles, robotised handling, 3D printing, virtual reality, the Internet of Things, blockchain technology, machine learning, cloud computing and data analytics are all starting to provide the extra visibility and agility that inbound and service parts supply chains have been seeking for years.

The Supply Chain Conference will bring together a host of vehicle OEMs, service providers, infrastructure operators and technology solutions suppliers to explore the way such technologies are transforming North America’s inbound and aftermarket logistics networks.

The full agenda including timings and content of individual sessions will be published here soon.  In the meantime click here to see last year’s programme.



Conference calendar