Automotive supply chains face an exciting future. Between the advent of electrified and autonomous vehicles and increasing adoption of artificial intelligence and automation in manufacturing and distribution networks, much looks set to change in a very short space of time.

The need for vehicle OEMs, tier suppliers and service providers to work out how best to deal with all this has never been greater. And that’s why this year’s Supply Chain Conference, taking place on 19-21 March 2019 in Atlanta, is based on the theme:

The future of automotive supply chains: Trends, challenges and solutions

This conference, being run in conjunction with our colleagues at Automotive Logistics, will be a workshop-oriented event centering around a number of group breakout sessions designed to help you come up with practical solutions to the business challenges they face.


COMPLIMENTARY PLACES are also open to vehicle makers and tier suppliers (subject to approval).

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Covering all the core supply chain issues, this events combined programme will through a series of plenary session, breakout, workshops and ideas labs provide a strong focus on the use of technological innovations, with a series of parallel sessions looking specifically at the digital transformation strategies in current and future automotive supply chains.




3D printing

Artificial intelligence

Augmented/virtual reality

Cloud computing


Data analytics

Digital Twins

Electric vehicle supply chains

Enterprise IT systems

Inventory management




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