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    Automotive Logistics is the only global print magazine dedicated to the strategy, management and movement of components, finished automobiles and service parts, from Tier supplier to assembly plant and on to the dealer, and everything in between.Automotive Logistics also hosts the most important annual conferences for senior management within the global automotive logistics sector: in Europe, China, Russia, North and South America and India.


    Finished Vehicle Logistics is a unique magazine which covers all aspects of the outbound supply chain, including transport (road, rail, sea, river), ports & terminals, and various services (inc protection, pre-delivery services), plus the IT systems and management strategies used in moving finished vehicles around the world.Finished Vehicle Logistics hosts a dedicated annual conference in North America, and organises the annual ECG Conference for the European Association of Vehicle Logistics.


    Automotive Logistics Buyers’ Guide is the only reference guide to service providers around the world. It contains extended descriptions of suppliers’ capabilities, from overall Integrated Service Providers to eight specific
    areas like IT, Packaging, Ports or Finished Vehicle Transport. It is circulated with the first magazine issue of the year, and is distributed at our conferences.

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95% of respondents state that they pass on their copy of Automotive Logistics magazine to at least one other person or colleague.



On average they forward it to 3.95 colleagues. Including the recipient, that is 4.95 readers per copy



86% of our readers read Automotive Logistics magazine on a regular basis which indicates the importance of the magazine as an information source.



70% of our readers read over 50% of the magazine,or the entire magazine cover-to-cover



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47% of readers state that an article or advertisement featured in Automotive Logistics magazine has directly or partially influenced the purchase of a product or a service.



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