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Automotive Logistics 20th anniversary

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    News » Floridia to head Gefco’s Innovation Factory

    April 15th 2019 Logistics provider Gefco has appointed Valérie Floridia (pictured) as director of the company’s Innovation Factory. Launched last year, the internal incubator offers employees worldwide an opportunity to propose and develop innovative ideas to help drive the group’s growth. As director Floridia will be responsible for encouraging new ideas and helping convert them into fully operational […]
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  • 20th anniversary features: Supply chain IT

    Intelligence » IT implementation: Touching the cutting edge

    November 10th 2017 Twenty years ago, parts of today’s automotive supply chain would have seemed like science fiction – plants keeping just a few hours’ worth of highly traceable inventory, unmanned drones being used to monitor site activity, glasses with computer chips in them, self-driving vehicles, and management systems that predict the future, among other things. Supply chain […]
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  • 20th anniversary features: Supply chain IT

    Intelligence » BMW tracking: Prevention is better than a cure

    November 10th 2017 Few manufacturing operations have expanded as much over the past two decades as BMW’s Plant Spartanburg in Greer, South Carolina. After producing 411,000 X-series SUV models in 2016, it is now the carmaker’s largest global facility by assembly volume, and is headed towards its maximum capacity of 450,000 units per year, including the launch this […]
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  • 20th anniversary features: Supply chain IT

    Intelligence » Mines of information

    November 9th 2017 “I have seen the future – and it works,” observed American social commentator Upton Sinclair almost 100 years ago, after a visit to post-revolutionary Russia. At various points over the past 20 years, similar sentiments have echoed repeatedly through the pages of Automotive Logistics, as successive technologies have redefined the art of the possible. Sinclair’s enthusiasm […]
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  • 20th anniversary features: Packaging evolution

    Intelligence » One box still does not fit all

    November 7th 2017 A lot has changed in logistics in the 20 years since Automotive Logistics first went to press. Thanks to the revolution of the information age, the world is more connected now than ever before. Shippers are delivering products faster than imagined. In the aftermarket, for example, more and more customers are receiving their goods and services […]
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  • 20th anniversary features: Supply chain globalisation

    Intelligence » The twilight of global trade?

    November 6th 2017 If there’s one word that sums up much of the last 20 years in terms of the world’s automotive industry, it’s ‘globalisation’. Driven by rising sales in emerging markets, low-cost country sourcing, and the search for economies of scale, carmakers have invested heavily in building international supply chains of finished vehicles and automotive components, not […]
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  • 20th anniversary issue

    Opinion » Getting better with age

    November 1st 2017 It has been an incredible journey over these last 20 years working on Automotive Logistics, expanding both our publications and our conferences around the world. I can still remember the beginning like it was yesterday. I was young and full of energy, fresh from school with hair flowing down to my shoulders. England’s national football […]
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  • 20th anniversary features: Electric vehicle supply chain

    Intelligence » Plugged in for progress

    October 31st 2017 The last two decades have seen the emergence of the alternative propulsion vehicle market from almost nothing. According to PwC Autofacts data, sales in 1997 across all hybrid and electric vehicles numbered about 6,000 vehicles. This year, the number is expected to pass 4.6m. But much faster growth is expected in future and sales could […]
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  • 20th anniversary features: Expert views

    Intelligence » Service parts part 4: Skills and service providers

    October 27th 2017 Have you changed your outsourcing strategy for service parts operations? As with other parts of the automotive supply chain, outsourcing strategies tend to vary by OEM, region and operation. Transport services, of course, remain outsourced, although some carmakers – such as Toyota on the west coast of the US or in Japan – do have […]
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  • 20th anniversary features: Expert views

    Intelligence » Service parts part 3: Aftermarket operations and network

    October 27th 2017 How have performance metrics, such as facing fill or network fill rates, developed over the past two decades? There is little question that service levels have increased significantly for OEM parts distribution. As such, carmakers set performance objectives that are today much higher than 20 years ago. For example, most carmakers in the US consider […]
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