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Automotive Logistics Mexico conference

  • Manufacturing moves

    News » FCA reconsiders Ram production in Mexico

    October 30th 2018 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) is reported to be reconsidering its plans to cease Ram Heavy Duty (HD) pickup truck production at its Saltillo plant in Mexico. The company had previously announced it would phase out Ram HD production in Mexico by 2020 and move it to the Warren truck assembly plant. However, Reuters and other […]
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  • Nafta negotiations

    Intelligence » Finally, a done deal?

    October 4th 2018 The sigh of relief from the automotive sector at the announcement of a breakthrough in negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) with Mexico in August was almost palpable. The news at the end of September that a similar, last-minute deal had also been struck with Canada must have been of even greater […]
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  • Technology

    News » VW Brazil launches logistics portal

    September 26th 2018 Volkswagen Truck & Bus is to launch a digital logistics portal in Brazil in tandem with the group’s digital brand, Rio. The Rio portal, which is based on vehicle data intelligence and stored in the cloud, will offer up to 20 services, which are currently purchased individually. These range from ordering parts, overhauling security monitoring and […]
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  • International trade

    News » Ford cancels Focus imports to US from China

    September 4th 2018 Ford has scrapped plans to export the Focus Active model from China to the US because of tariffs of 25% being imposed by the US government. Exports from China were due to begin next year following plans first announced in 2017, when the carmaker decided to supply the car from its Chongqing plant rather than […]
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  • Latin American market

    News » Car sales drive growth in Latin America

    August 15th 2018 The first two quarters of 2018 have seen a 7% increase in the Latin American automotive market, with sales of light commercial and passenger vehicles increasing from 2.64m to 2.83m. However, Felipe Munoz, global analyst of JATO Dynamics, comments that while the results are positive, the economies of the region have to grow more rapidly […]
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  • Automotive Logistics Mexico conference

    News » Mexico conference: Uncertainty well-balanced with optimism

    January 31st 2018 While a degree of uncertainty over the future of free trade between Mexico and its Nafta neighbours to the north once again hung over discussions at this year’s Automotive Logistics Mexico conference, it was more than matched by confidence in the future of the automotive sector. That confidence is being fed by optimism about the […]
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  • Automotive Logistics Mexico conference

    News » Port users bemoan slow progress at Veracruz

    January 29th 2018 Carmakers and logistics providers have expressed frustration over the slow pace of expansion at the congested Mexican port of Veracruz. The port is working to install new infrastructure to support growing automotive volumes, which reached 1.03m units last year (up 13.5% on 2016). The project includes a completely new landside and berth development to the […]
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  • Automotive Logistics Mexico conference

    News » Nafta renegotiation ‘will not hold back investment in Mexico’

    January 25th 2018 Following a 30% tax imposed by the Trump Administration on solar panels imported to the US last week and another 20% tax put on imported washing machines, vehicle and parts makers are wondering if the automotive industry is next on the list for high tariffs, as Nafta is renegotiated – and what that might mean […]
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  • Trade agreements

    News » Auto sector urges caution in Nafta negotiations

    January 24th 2018 As the sixth round of talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (Nafta) got underway in Montreal, Canada, this week, a number of OEMs and advocacy groups with links to the automotive industry have urged politicians to proceed with caution. Carmakers have begun to hedge their bets as negotiations continue and tensions rise, […]
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  • Ports and shipping

    News » Horizon and Höegh announce new services

    January 24th 2018 Horizon Auto Logistics (HAL), a division of Horizon Terminal Services set up last year in Mexico, has started full scale end-to-end operations this month out of its facility in Veracruz. The company is providing port operations, including stevedoring and the handling of all cars and services inside the port, as well as trucking the vehicles […]
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