• Finished vehicle containerisation

    Intelligence » Thinking inside the box

    April 5th 2019 Cars have been shipped in containers ever since the modern shipping container was introduced commercially in the late 1950s, but it is only since dedicated racking systems were mass produced to improve loading that there has been a greater adoption of containers for volume shipments.  There are estimated to be 39m containers moving around the […]
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  • Augmented reality

    News » Škoda’s CKD centre puts AR on the map

    March 19th 2019 Škoda Auto has begun a large-scale trial of augmented reality (AR) technology to support logistics in the complete knockdown (CKD) centre at its Mladá Boleslav plant in the Czech Republic. The video mapping system is being used to help staff load sets of semi-knockdown components onto pallets for export, and consists of an ultra-high-resolution laser […]
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  • Vehicle distribution

    News » Adampol resumes SKD services in Poland

    January 29th 2019 Polish transport and logistics firm, Adampol, has resumed services for semi-knockdown (SKD) vehicle shipments out of its facility in Małaszewicze in eastern Poland, near the border with Belarus. Adampol is dismantling vehicles there and loading sub-assemblies into containers for several major European carmakers, though it would not divulge which ones. Its facility there can handle […]
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  • Logistics excellence

    News » Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe 2019 launched

    January 23rd 2019 Automotive Logistics is proud to announce the return of the Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe. Following in the footsteps of last year’s highly successful inaugural event, the Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe 2019 will once again recognise excellence and innovation in every corner of the automotive logistics sector. Last year’s inaugural Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe celebrated […]
  • Packaging & container management

    Intelligence » Stepping up the quality

    January 21st 2019 There are several advantages of shipping vehicles in kits rather than as completely built units, including lower costs for transport, better customs import conditions and the support of local government in exchange for providing employment to the workforce. A major disadvantage, however, is that defective, damaged or lost goods may delay assembly. Therefore, the kits […]
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  • Chinese OEMs in Africa

    Intelligence » A billion reasons to try

    January 14th 2019 For the past ten years, a rising number of Chinese OEMs have appeared on African roads. Bearing cheerful names such as Geely, Chery, Hafei, Chana and Foton, some managed to land on their feet and build a healthy presence. Others, though, have gone down face-first. Foton, a Beijing-based manufacturer that produces pickup trucks and delivery […]
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  • Manufacturing moves

    News » Mitsubishi aims to expand production in Vietnam

    November 20th 2018 Japanese carmaker Mitsubishi Motors is looking to start building vehicles from the ground up in Vietnam, rather than just assembling knockdown kits there, its CEO, Osamu Masuko, has announced. The company wants to establish a parts industry and supply chain within the country to support the new approach. According to a report in the Nikkei […]
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  • Regional focus: Iran

    Intelligence » Cracking under sanctions

    August 20th 2018 The re-imposition of sanctions by the US on Iran has dealt a hammer blow to the country’s emerging automotive industry. The threat of retaliation by the US against those whom it deems to have broken those sanctions has, once again, prompted vehicle-makers and logistics companies to pull out of the market. Vehicle production in Iran […]
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  • Vehicle processing

    News » BLG expands US services for Mercedes-Benz

    July 25th 2018 BLG Logistics is expanding its core operations in the US, where it acts as a supplier for Mercedes-Benz. The company is making its largest investment ever outside Germany at its US base in Vance, Alabama, where a total of $7.1m is being spent on setting up an automated small-parts warehouse for sequencing cable sets. BLG […]
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  • Automotive Logistics Awards

    News » Finalists for Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe 2018 revealed

    April 11th 2018 The shortlist of finalists for the inaugural Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe has been revealed, with 73 entries competing in 14 different categories. The shortlist forms a cross-section of the industry’s leading carmakers, suppliers and logistics providers (see the full list of finalists here). The finalists were chosen from a large number of high quality entries […]