• FVL Import Export summit

    Intelligence » Embracing change to drive velocity in North American ports

    August 15th 2017 This year’s Finished Vehicle Logistics Import Export summit in Baltimore revealed an industry embracing the latest digital technology to deal with some familiar challenges around port capacity, infrastructure and security, but facing changing dynamics in the movement of vehicles around North America, not least the renegotiation of the Nafta trade agreement. Marcus Williams reports   […]
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  • Damage prevention

    Intelligence » Vehicle protection: Trying to cover all bases

    August 9th 2017 In June this year, upmarket Volvo S90 sedans built at Volvo Cars’ plant in Daqing, northern China, began arriving at a car terminal at the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium for European distribution. Travelling not by sea, but by rail, they are transported in containers across Russia along the China-Europe rail route, three S90s per container, […]
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  • Market trends

    Intelligence » Ukraine’s automotive industry on its way to a revival

    August 8th 2017 Ukraine’s automotive market is building on the recovery that started at the end of last year, when the three-year slump in the passenger car market levelled off and a rebound began. Latest figures show that in the first half of 2017, the number of cars sold there rose 36% to 35,700. The Ukraine automotive industry […]
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  • e-commerce

    Intelligence » Online vehicle sales: ACES high as dealers face a new game

    August 7th 2017 Once upon a time, interaction between carmakers and their customers happened in one place: the dealership. Dealer showrooms were where customers learned about products, chose a car and parted with their cash. Once a customer took possession of the vehicle, he was likely to return to the dealer for service and repair, at least during […]
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  • Vehicle distribution

    Intelligence » Brazil: Exports are chasing away the clouds

    August 3rd 2017 Brazilian vehicle sales, which have fallen every year since 2013, continue to be hampered by a deep recession, a stubborn, double-digit unemployment rate, increasingly tight credit and haemorrhaging consumer confidence. Seemingly unending political crises have also hit the country. So, to combat the stalling economy and venal political climate, carmakers, often with expanded or new […]
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  • Finished vehicles

    Intelligence » Outbound deliveries: Blocking in the truth

    August 1st 2017 Will bitcoin prove to be one of the most valuable innovations in changing the finished vehicle supply chain? If so, it is not because carmakers and logistics providers are moving their contracts from dollars, euros or yuan to the virtual currency (although given its recent escalation in value, some may wish they had). Instead, it […]
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  • Electric vehicles

    Intelligence » Shift in powertrains drives strong growth in battery production

    July 25th 2017 Accelerating growth in electric and hybrid vehicle production is opening up a range of new supply chains across all areas of the automotive industry – not least in battery cell production. With vehicle manufacturers stepping up both the volume and range of electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrids they produce, battery makers are building new factories the […]
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  • Supply chain digitalisation

    Intelligence » Different digital paces

    July 18th 2017 The headline above might well have read ‘industry and logistics 4.0’, ‘the industrial internet of things’, ‘factories of the future’, ‘smart supply chains’ or ‘manufacturing 2025’. Or we might have turned to one of a growing number of acronyms used to outline the car industry’s future, like Mercedes-Benz Car’s CASE or PwC’s EASCY. There are […]
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  • Digitalisation

    Intelligence » Smart packaging: The quest for greater precision

    July 17th 2017 Packaging is one area in the automotive supply chain in which greater connectivity and ‘internet of things’ (IoT) devices have the potential to make significant improvements. Many of the chronic issues that accompany the management and flow of equipment, including missing or incorrect containers, damage to parts, as well as manual scanning and processing, could […]
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  • Premium freight

    Intelligence » Project cargo: Achieving mission impossible

    July 14th 2017 Project cargo logistics is a term that covers a wide range of activities, from the movement of unusually large or heavy loads to the management of time-critical ones. In basic terms, it can be defined as the coordination, planning and management of particularly challenging logistics projects. In the automotive sector, examples might range from production […]
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