• Vehicle technology

    Opinion » How autonomous vehicles will impact on the supply chain

    November 2nd 2017 There’s a huge buzz in Silicon Valley about electric engines, ride-hailing and driverless cars, with Uber, Tesla and Waymo all making waves. Morgan Stanley sees a major transformation taking place and recently predicted that Waymo, Alphabet’s autonomous driving unit, could be valued at $70 billion by 2030. The big car manufacturers also see the opportunities […]
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  • 20th anniversary issue

    Opinion » Getting better with age

    November 1st 2017 It has been an incredible journey over these last 20 years working on Automotive Logistics, expanding both our publications and our conferences around the world. I can still remember the beginning like it was yesterday. I was young and full of energy, fresh from school with hair flowing down to my shoulders. England’s national football […]
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  • AL 20th anniversary

    Opinion » Still breaking down barriers in automotive supply chains…

    October 24th 2017 Automotive Logistics does not usually talk about itself. Our mission is to cover global automotive logistics, a $100 billion-plus industry whose centre is not a small media company in London. However, in reflecting on 20 years of automotive logistics ‘the industry’ in this issue, I can note a few similar story arcs for Automotive Logistics ‘the […]
  • Car clocking

    Opinion » Building trust with blockchain

    September 19th 2017 Car clocking is a trend that is on the rise, with HPI Check reporting that in 2016, one in 16 cars were affected, an increase of 20% from 2014. While EU legislation slated for 2018 will make the practice illegal in that jurisdiction, laws are unlikely to solve the problem. For starters, EU legislation will […]
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  • Sponsored article

    News » From the industry: A digital platform for changing the outbound sector

    September 19th 2017 Latvian finished vehicle services provider, Fracht SIA, rolled out its Automotive Logistics Control System (ALCS) in 2014 to aid in the distribution of cars for Volkswagen Group brands, General Motors and a number of commercial vehicle companies. Fracht has invested €3m ($3.6m) in the transport management software tool so far and it now handles everything […]
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  • Data interchange

    Opinion » EDI to facilitate ever more sophisticated sequencing

    September 5th 2017 While few OEM plants run totally ‘make to order’, it is becoming more common that each successive vehicle build on an assembly line will be different. This requires the delivery of parts to line side in an exact order, planned in ‘time buckets’ of as little as four, or even two, hours. This sequencing requires […]
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  • Network optimisation

    Opinion » Keeping taxes and duties in mind

    August 1st 2017 For so many businesses, success can be attributed to how effectively the supply chain is managed and its impact on growth, costs and profitability. So many aspects including overall cost, supplier sourcing, manufacturing strategies and distribution network structure are impacted by the accelerating globalisation of business combined with taxes and duties differing wildly across trading […]
  • Vehicle deliveries

    Opinion » How finished vehicle logistics can shed its laggard reputation

    August 1st 2017 Vehicle logistics has long been accused of lagging other parts of the supply chain – notably inbound or in-plant logistics – in technology, precision and processes. OEMs and providers complain about the same problems, year in, year out, from poor visibility to a lack of common standards. That it is really so behind was always […]
  • New technology

    Opinion » Digitalisation: for better or for worse, you can’t just ignore it

    July 24th 2017 Disruption or continuous improvement? That is the question over what digitalisation, autonomy and electrification will do to automotive logistics. Will new players swipe away older ones as though deleting undesirables on an app, or will technology improve efficiency and customer reach? The stock market drives the bleaker outlook for some. With Tesla the fourth largest […]
  • ECG Column

    Opinion » Stronger than ever

    July 19th 2017 ECG president Wolfgang Göbel sees plenty of things to celebrate this year – even if political turmoil and gridlock are getting in the way Last issue, I wrote that 2017 was on track to be ECG’s busiest year yet. In this edition I am happy to say that continues to be the case in almost every […]
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