• Government policy

    News » Brexit’s unaccustomed burdens

    June 27th 2018 Nine months before the UK’s planned departure from the European Union, uncertainty over customs arrangements is emerging as one of the major concerns of manufacturers – perhaps just as much, if not more so, than the prospect of tariffs and taxes. The risks and impacts from delays in logistics flows and added administration are seen […]
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  • Trade agreements

    News » SMMT calls for end to Brexit uncertainty

    June 27th 2018 The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has joined major manufacturers in calling for the British government to end uncertainty over the UK’s trading relationship with the European Union after Brexit, and to ensure the frictionless flow of parts and vehicles. Speaking at a press conference during the SMMT’s annual summit in London on […]
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  • Driving digitalisation

    Opinion » Digitalising the automotive supply chain

    June 22nd 2018 Digitalisation of the automotive industry is a topic that has been high up on most OEM and tier one supplier agendas for some time. However, the digital age is transforming at such breakneck speed that there is the continual fear of being left behind, or even worse, of deciding on investing heavily in a technology […]
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  • EV battery supply chains

    Opinion » EV battery supply chains need a recharge

    June 20th 2018 Recent research from JLT Specialty revealed eight out of the 11 key countries which supply the main raw materials used in EV batteries, such as cobalt and lithium, are in territories designated as having a high or very high risk of disruption. The intense demand for sourcing materials like cobalt comes not just from automotive […]
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  • Collaborative working

    Opinion » Keeping up with the pace of change

    June 5th 2018 The automotive industry used to be thought of as slow moving. Until fairly recently, it was not much of a stretch to say that the motor car, for all its improvements in safety and technology, had not fundamentally changed in a century. Vintage car owners could easily point to hundreds of differences in steering, climate […]
  • Tracking technology

    Opinion » Bringing the IoT to the automotive supply chain

    April 30th 2018 Since Toyota first pioneered its innovative Lean production system in the 1930s, the automotive industry has been a trailblazer in developing data-driven strategies to optimise manufacturing processes. With the integration of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies into every facet of the manufacturing process, OEMs and their suppliers have achieved incredible levels of efficiency and quality […]
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  • Packaging's growing role in e-commerce

    Opinion » Accelerating growth in auto parts e-commerce 

    March 13th 2018 The UK automotive parts supply chain has been transformed by the emergence of e-commerce and the changing behaviour of car owners. Online parts sales are growing at a rate of around 10.5% a year (CAGR) compared with 3% for the whole UK aftermarket and, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), online […]
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  • Supply chain optimisation

    Opinion » Think macro, not micro

    February 16th 2018 Modern consumer habits are constantly changing. As technology evolves and demand increases, supply chain managers face new challenges, as they attempt to compete on a global level. In the automotive industry, in particular, where production is highly time-sensitive, operations must be streamlined to drive productivity and meet demand. Traditional supply chain operations based on a […]
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  • Supply chain management

    Opinion » Avoiding supply chain disruptions with effective legal planning

    December 22nd 2017 Even the greatest logisticians at the world’s most prestigious automotive companies can’t predict the future. Economic downturns occur, suppliers falter and disputes occur that endanger just-in-time manufacturing. While these disruptions in the supply chain are inevitable, they do not have to be catastrophic. Although the strategies shown here are written from the perspective of the OEM, […]
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  • Mobility developments

    Opinion » China leads the car-sharing market, despite the challenges

    December 20th 2017 The Chinese government is using car-sharing – short-term car rental, usually charged by the hour – to stimulate the new energy vehicle (NEV) market and increase individual mobility efficiency. In June 2017, the central government released draft guidance for the car-sharing industry, outlining some supporting policies. The guidance specified certain requirements for car-sharing businesses, defined their role in […]
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