• Packaging Ford

    Intelligence » Heading to the pool

    April 12th 2019 Ford has been transforming its approach to packaging over the last five years under the direction of its chief engineer for material flow and packaging engineering, Kuly Malka. Malka is responsible for all of the OEM’s packaging and container management in Europe and South Africa. He instigated Ford’s first global returnable packaging system and is […]
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  • Augmented reality

    News » Škoda’s CKD centre puts AR on the map

    March 19th 2019 Škoda Auto has begun a large-scale trial of augmented reality (AR) technology to support logistics in the complete knockdown (CKD) centre at its Mladá Boleslav plant in the Czech Republic. The video mapping system is being used to help staff load sets of semi-knockdown components onto pallets for export, and consists of an ultra-high-resolution laser […]
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  • Information technology

    Opinion » How IoT is the next step in tracking components

    February 26th 2019 As vehicles incorporate more new technologies and highly sophisticated components, it has become increasingly complicated and expensive to ship these parts. Consequently, the risks for OEM shipments have increased proportionately. A sea container packed with $20,000 worth of car engines may take six weeks, or even longer, to travel from its point of origin to […]
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  • From the industry

    Intelligence » A clean answer to complex reverse logistics packaging

    February 11th 2019 The use of returnable packaging is on the increase, driven by a range of factors including increased standardisation of load carriers and more modular packaging concepts. At the same time as product and part number complexity increase, and automotive production and distribution networks spread further across the globe, packaging companies must keep pace by developing […]
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  • From the industry

    Intelligence » Coming up with a strategy for transformation

    February 8th 2019 CHEP’s core business is all about managing and owning reusable packaging assets. Providing that service for its customers takes away the pain and hidden costs of running the service themselves, while giving them control and visibility of their inventory throughout the supply chain. That service is going to become all the more important according to […]
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  • Packaging & container management

    Intelligence » Q&A: Scott Krebs, Orbis

    February 8th 2019 What does Orbis see as the main problem in providing accurate data on where a container is, whether empty or full, and what is it doing to solve some of these problems for its automotive customers? In the automotive industry, one of the biggest obstacles is standardisation. Toyota puts identification on its packaging [that is] […]
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  • Asset tracking

    News » Groupe PSA tracks containers with IoT

    February 5th 2019 Groupe PSA is using a new track and trace technology provided by IBM and Sigfox to more accurately monitor and control the movement of packaged parts between its suppliers and assembly plants. The digital system, called Track&Trace, uses IBM’s cloud-based Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, including Watson IoT, along with Sigfox’s international 0G network, which […]
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  • Logistics excellence

    News » Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe 2019 launched

    January 23rd 2019 Automotive Logistics is proud to announce the return of the Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe. Following in the footsteps of last year’s highly successful inaugural event, the Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe 2019 will once again recognise excellence and innovation in every corner of the automotive logistics sector. Last year’s inaugural Automotive Logistics Awards – Europe celebrated […]
  • Packaging & container management

    Intelligence » The long way home

    January 22nd 2019 For inbound automotive supply chains, returnable packaging just makes sense. No carmaker wants to spend money on wood, paper and cardboard again and again, only to have to fork out straight away for costly waste disposal. Far better to pay once for a robust, reusable container that provides better protection for parts and can, ideally, […]
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  • Packaging & container management

    Intelligence » Stepping up the quality

    January 21st 2019 There are several advantages of shipping vehicles in kits rather than as completely built units, including lower costs for transport, better customs import conditions and the support of local government in exchange for providing employment to the workforce. A major disadvantage, however, is that defective, damaged or lost goods may delay assembly. Therefore, the kits […]
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